May 25, 2024
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Facebook Announces the Launch of Their Own Operating System To Complete with Android

To make it completely free from other tech related giants just like Google, Facebook is all set to develop with its own Operating system which is named as The Information Reports.  In the coming few years, it has been all expected that the certain Facebook hardware products such as Portal devices or Oculus will be able to run on the OS as per according to the new reports of Facebook exec Ficus Kirkpatrick.


This operating system will be all built upon from the scratch and this whole project will be led upon by the side of Mark Lucovsky. He is he former Microsoft engineer who has been co-authored by the Windows NT operating system. Facebook has not yet come up with any such announcement over the final date for the arrival of the OS and which products will be using it for the first hand.

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Well this is not the first time that the platform of Facebook has ever come up with the announcement of the OS on their own side. Facebook had even once come up with the amazing development of the prototypes of a custom OS for their Home but they make their own mind and started using the Android.

Facebook’s current platform of OS working is considerably the part of the larger scale of efforts to make upon the entire company so much self-sufficient.  They wanted to somehow make sure that the next upcoming generation will be having a space in it.   According to the Andrew Bosworth who is the Facebook’s head of augmented and virtual reality stated that they can never trust on other technologies when it comes to working on their system. So they have been thinking about the extreme plan as in developing with their own Operating system for the users.

Facebook have been also thinking about to keep on working on the brain computer interface as well.  There was a time when platform of Facebook used to develop the technologies that was at the size of the refrigerator. But now they are all developing such technology based products which you can somehow easily hold in your hand.  It might be all possible that Facebook will be taking the next few more years to develop their scale of technology for the users.

Facebook is growing a voice assistant similar to Siri and Alexa, as well. The company even approached Microsoft company to license data from its Bing search engine to educate the assistant. Much of this work will take place in Facebook’s new scale of 770,000-square-foot campus being constructed in Burlingame, California, where Facebook will work on these and different merchandise — like its AR glasses.

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