May 27, 2024
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AMD Is All Set to Launch ‘Nvidia killer’ Graphics Card in 2020

Nvidia killer

AMD is all set to launch its high-end Navi images card at Computex, according to the latest from the GPU grapevine. This comes from that regularly occurring supply of graphics-related leaks Videocardz, which floated the rumored launch date on Twitter. It has been unveiled that NVIDIA will launch a new GPU in the 2nd quarter. AMD is also expected to have Big Navi round Computex.


This is so amazing!

As you can see, in accordance to small print imparted by portraits cards manufacturers, AMD will launch it’s Big Navi GPU. It is also known as the ‘Nvidia killer’. The launch will be taking place in June.

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Naturally, we can’t put too much trust in a single rumor, and certainly this is only what’s ‘expected’ through as said by the GPU makers at the moment, even if they are not sure. But it would appear that this is AMD’s predicted launch timeframe.

Of course the other query is whether a launch would possibly be an authentic launch as the place the high-end GPU is announced as imminently going on sale. It might be possible that it would be all in all an initial reveal as beforehand of the card hitting the stores later in the year.

What we do know is that AMD’s chief government has just given us concrete confirmation that there will be a high-end Navi graphics card launched this year. And of course Computex is a suitable possibly candidate for that launch.

Particularly as the other features we have these days is another mention of the Radeon RX 5950XT in an EEC filing. This should be the product title of AMD’s all in all incoming high-end card, and might point out that it will be arriving faster instead than later this year.

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Mainly because Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs are on the horizon, and as that Videocardz tweet mentions, an Nvidia graphic card launch is expected in Q2. If the ‘Nvidia killer’ ends up competing towards the likes of the RTX 3080 instead than modern-day Turing cards, then that is probably a narrative which won’t give up rightly for AMD.

Still, none of this means a Computex launch will happen. This is of course, due to the fact it all depends on whether or not or not Big Navi is ready. Naturally, if it is not all in all ready, it won’t be launched – easy as.

All we can do, as ever, is watch and wait, but we can sincerely anticipate the leaks and rumors to start coming thicker as well as quicker for each AMD and Nvidia graphics cards as 2020 progresses.

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