May 20, 2024

Sonos Will No Longer be Providing Software Updates for its Oldest Products in May


In May, Sonos will end up supplying software updates for its oldest products, and they will no longer receive any new features. The decision impacts “legacy” devices that are currently part of the company’s trade-up program, which includes all Sonos Zone Players, the Connect and Connect:Amp, the first-generation Play:5, the CR200 controller, and the Bridge. It is vital to notice that with the Connect and Connect: Amp, this just applies to units manufactured between 2011 and 2015. Newer hardware revisions will precede receiving updates.


Last month, Sonos ran into criticism over its “recycle mode,” a software kill-switch that renders these legacy products inoperable whenever customers opt to take part in the trade-up program for a 30 percent discount on a modern Sonos product. Sonos says recycle mode helps clear a device of user statistics and “protects unsuspecting people from shopping for legacy products that are drawing close the cease of their beneficial life.” Nothing about the program or recycle mode is changing today, and Sonos insists it takes this strategy to encourage responsible e-recycling practices.

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Sonos will stop providing software updates to older products in May
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Sonos is once more stressing that these products have been stretched to their absolute limit, noting that many of them as the oldest have been delivered in 2006 predate the iPhone and streaming tune offerings altogether. Sonos has said it is committed in presenting software program updates for 5 years after it closing bought a system directly. The original Play: 5, launched in 2009, is the just speaker on the list. Everything the organization still sells these days must have a long street of software program updates to come.

Sonos tells that in May, it will introduce a way for clients who prefer to keep the use of their legacy hardware to separate those old products from their foremost Sonos system. Every speaker and other Sonos component in a device is supposed to run the same software program model to ensure they all work properly together. But this is the first time that software access is ending.  Sonos doesn’t even point out that the alternative is coming on its FAQ page.

Sonos Will No Longer be Providing Software Updates for its Oldest Products in May
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No More Sonos Software Updates for Older Products in May

As we stated earlier, Sonos thinks legacy units have to all continue working even after software updates cease coming. But the place the agency foresees bother is with streaming services. If an associate like Spotify makes an SDK trade that calls for greater powerful hardware, these older products might get left behind. The Play: 5 at least have an aux enter for external audio sources.  Every Sonos product has a microprocessor, flash memory, and other hardware components generally found in computer systems and smartphones.

Sonos is hoping to aim the least quantity of complications for customers. And it is also going to continue pointing owners of legacy product toward the trade-up program; you will get a 30 percentage cut price for each of the listed units you own.

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