April 25, 2024
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Latest PS5 Rumor Is Taking The Internet To Storm! Check Out!


As we draw nearer to the PS5’s release date in late 2020, it is understandable that the rumor mill is working overtime. But, while some rumors keep a bit greater weight than others, there are a few that need be taken with greater than simply a pinch of salt.


Rumor No 1: Modern PS5 Release Date

The modern PS5 ‘leak’ posted on 4Chan is one such rumor, supposedly spilling a bunch of information on the PS5 disclose event which is predicted to take place in February. The leak claims that the PS5 will be unveiled on February 5 at a PlayStation Meeting event for the media.

According to the leaker, the event will see Sony revealing the console’s format and specs, several PS5 exclusives alongside the console’s charge and various other features.

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Rumor No 2: Sony will be Showing greater at E3 In 2020

Next up is that the Sony will show greater at E3 2020. Sony has already confirmed it might not be attending E3 again this year.

It ordinarily feels like this rumor is anyone taking an educated guess based on statistics we already have. Rumors that the event will take area in February have been swirling for a while. Maybe some of the data is correct; however we do think this is generally a rumor that encompasses many smaller rumors that we have heard about.

Rumor No 3: What about the Slogan?

The largest part of this leak, that has led some to accept as true with it should be legit, is the reference to the PS5’s slogan

: “it’s time to play”.

The PlayStation Europe Twitter web page has changed its bio to encompass this part, so we think about it probably is the new slogan. However, whether or not it was changed earlier than the leaked information or after is still up in the air. If it was modified earlier than then it’s possibly nonetheless true!

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However, as we cited above, we would assume that if any of this leak is genuine then it will only be some of it – mainly with the point out of E3 2020.

Several rumors have cautioned that a PlayStation 5 divulge event will take place in February, but Sony hasn’t verified anything. Whether it’s going to be February 5, as the leak suggests, stays a mystery – however we are skeptical.

PS5 is already becoming the main talk of the town and hence this game by Sony has always remained the most awaited game series in the world.  Now let’s see which one of these rumors will turn out to be true for the gaming lovers.

Wait for it!

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