June 18, 2024
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip To Be Launched with Side-Mounted Fingerprint Scanner, Dual Rear Cameras & Much More

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung is slated to launch a foldable machine alongside the Galaxy S20 series. It might not be the Galaxy Fold’s successor as originally speculated, though. That will be released later in the year, in accordance to every other report. Samsung will reportedly unveil its take on the foldable Moto Razr with a foldable phone known as the Galaxy Z Flip. It will all in all use “Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass” which has crease. It will on the whole use a Dynamic AMOLED display.


Renowned leaker Max Weinbach shed some light on the Galaxy Z Flip. The Galaxy Z Flip will, however, come with a glass display screen as a substitute of plastic. All the Samsung foldable smartphones we have on the market right now feature plastic screens, making them rather fragile under ordinary running conditions. While foldable glass isn’t precisely a lot stronger, it overcomes a lot of structural troubles through plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Z

Moving on to the Galaxy Z Flip’s innards, we get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ SoC. Samsung is all in all possibly reserving its stock of Snapdragon 865 chips for the Galaxy S20 sequence and the Galaxy Fold 2, so it isn’t very stunning to see an older chip on the phone. All matters considered, it is still a very effective SoC and is capable of delivering flagship-grade performance. This is so interesting and amazing to talk about!

Other specs consist of two 12 MP cameras on the back, a 10 MP digital camera at the front, as well as support for Wireless Powershare. It’ll be interesting to see this device’ internals, as cramming in wireless charging capabilities in a foldable structure factor can be rather cumbersome. The side-mounted f ingerprint scanner in no way absolutely caught on as a trend, as it feels all in all clunky and awkward to use. An under-screen solution would have been ideal, considering that a rear-mounted choice wouldn’t be viable. This is so great!

Samsung Galaxy Z
Photo Credit: 王奔宏 on Weibo

There is even going to be a 0.1-inch show at the front that one can use to take a look at necessities such as battery status, time, and even use it as a viewfinder. However, he thinks that it could surely be 1-inch in measurement and that 0.1 is a typographical error for 1.0. The Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly cost about $1,000, which is an incredible cost for the hardware it offers. It will be on par with the base Galaxy S20, which is anticipated to start at $800.

So wait for the time when you can hold this amazing and best Samsung mobile phone in your hand to all in all rock and roll with it! Stay tuned with us for more latest updates about this handset!

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