Families paying 46 cents daily for power by installing Australia’s first Tesla Powerwall

An interesting story of the Pfitzner family, originally from Kellyville Ridge in New South Wales, who got inspired by the many as they installed the first Tesla Powerwall arrangement in Australia.

This Powerwall system reduces its electricity cost to 46 cents per day. Amazing isn’t it?

Furthermore, after exploring and working for more than four years of procedure, the family has now comprehensive made the affected cost savings that the battery system has help out deliver to the family.

They customary received Australia’s primary Tesla Powerwall Structure in 2016 that encompassed 6.4kWh of Lithium-ion battery storage and a 5kW rooftop solar installation was combined, which helped them expressively reduce the use of electricity from the system family.

While the system was comprised of the network administration structure an amazing software platform which is developed by the company called Reposit. This company is based in Canberra, which helps in optimizing the required battery performance in amalgamation with the rooftop solar system and the dynamics of the major supremacy grid.

As far as the total system which has worked to save the family is approximately an average of $2,115 each year in their electricity budgets while consenting the family to use their air conditioning and appliances as they would generally. The family of four, Nick and Danielle Pfitzner along with their two children has a four-bedroom home with inner laundry, air conditioning, appliances, a swimming pool, and an outdoor entertainment area.

Tesla Powerwall
Photo Credit: Tesla

After installing the solar and energy storage system in their household the electricity costs to power the home has dropped to an average of $ 45.16 per quarter. Almost more than 90 percent equated to the costs prior to the installation of the system, which shows how cheap and sustainable energy is. It can be used by families without the need to meaningfully alter their living provisions.

The CEO of Natural Solar Mr. Chris William who installed the system at Nick Pfitzner home said he’s one of the first individuals in the world to his Tesla Powerwall installed, and he actually started what we call the” battery boom “wide-reaching. He also expressed that after seeing that numbers accumulate after four years shows that this expertise is really here to stay and perhaps will only continue to grow with great mandate worldwide.”

The total reducing amount of electricity cost is up to 90 percent, because the solar and battery installation is probable to range a recovery period as short as seven years. Moreover, the demand of these Tesla Powerwall has increased after the first installation. Mr. William is getting an amplified demand for the -battery storage systems and estimates that there has been a worldwide 15,000 percent increase in domestic battery installations in the past four years.

According to the recent data published by the clean energy regulator, the increasing amount of rooftop solar systems that have been combined with battery storage come near 20,000 systems in Australia at the end of 2019, because with more than 6,000 systems installed in 2019. It is more likely to get more installments and will be in demand in the coming years.


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