April 12, 2024
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GTA 6 Release Date Confirmed? Leaks Suggest Date to be set in late 2021


Are you a GTA game fan and follow every latest information about the approaching games? Then this blog is you because we are discussing the GTA 6 releasing date and some amazing additions.


Earlier this week, new information from GTA 6 appeared that which might break the GTA player’s heart as the Rockstar’s next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series relieved that the game will be on the shelves at least until 2021.

According to a Jefferies press statement, Lowenstein said “we don’t expect GTA 6 in the short term” and reaffirmed that Rockstar puts “all its emphasis on the quality of the game instead of meeting a deadline.” Interestingly, Lowenstein also suggested that we will not see GTA 6 until 2121, and that is if everything goes as planned with the development of the game department.

While, the Grand Theft Auto 6 has not yet been officially broadcasted, but it has already been the subject of countless reports and alleged leaks, with reports stating that everything from female characters who occupy the foreground to the stage, return to Vice City, favorite of the fans.

Rockstar Games
Picture Credit: Rockstar Games

But none of this statistic has been confirmed by Rockstar. In fact, the only thing we really know about the game is that it is definitely in development, and, stimulatingly, we have a Rockstar tax report to acknowledge for that byte of information.

Furthermore, this week, stock research firm Jeffries organized a call from experts with industry veteran Darion Lowenstein, and some of the comments from industry experts could give us an idea of ​​when to wait for the game’s release.

While Lowenstein has experience as a producer with many of the most important names in the games, and Jeffries points out that he has liked seasons at Activision, EA, Rockstar and Scopey. Plus, one of the main assumptions of his talk was that players don’t expect GTA VI in the short term as mentioned earlier.

Another piece of the information from the press conference seems to specify that there are some important updates along the way, along with some surprises for the game lovers. This could mean that these updates are related to GTA Online, which it probably is. But it is the surprise that excites people and expects it to be about Rockstar proclaiming GTA 6. Although it seems a possibility, we consider it low. Therefore, we do not suggest anyone keep their hopes really high. Let’s see when more official information comes about GTA 6.

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