June 15, 2024
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Is it worth it to buy 8k- What Can You Watch in 8K?

Ultra HD

Possibly you’ve had a 4K TV since they first came out. Maybe you’ve updated only recently. Perhaps you are still using a 1080p TV. < /p>

Whatever the current state of your screen, you have probably heard about what will come after 4K: yes, the amazing 8K



As it is the next big jump in TV resolution. And like 4K, the transition needs new know-hows. Here is everything you need to know about 8K: what it is, when it will come and what it needs to work.

You may think that an 8K TV has twice the resolution as a 4K TV, but due to the complicated method of calculating resolution, this is not true. The term 8K mentions to the horizontal resolution of the TV, that is, how many pixels are affected on the screen from left to right.

While the 8K TVs have twice the horizontal pixels but have four times more total pixels than 4K, and 16 times more than 1080p, when the entire surface is observed. They are many pixels.

But the question is what you can expect in 8k? more than the amazing features and outlook. For background, look closely at your TV. If you are looking at a 4K screen, imagine four pixels taking up the space of that single pixel.

If you are looking at a 1080p screen, imagine a grid of sixteen pixels, four by four, within that single pixel. That is 8K as it is much sharper than 4K and much, much sharper than 1080p.

Resolution Comparison
Resolution Comparison

Furthermore, 8K content has not yet reached any transmission, transmission or physical media. Shows and movies still need to be filmed, mastered and distributed in 8K at a significant pace. We will wait a few more years for the native 8K content to be available to consumers. The video stream will probably come out first.

While none of the main streaming services in addition to YouTube support of the format has announced 8K plans, the first 8K programs and movies at home will probably come from Amazon, Apple TV +, Disney + and Netflix.

Hopefully, we will hear some rumors about 8K companionable physical media at the same time. Although Ultra HD Blu-ray discs did not set the world on fire as normal Blu-rays and DVDs did, they are a vital part of a cinephile’s movie collection.

Whether it’s 8K optical discs or some new solid-state media, we hope to keep our favorite movies in our hands and watch them in 8K. Stay tuned for more updates.

As for the transmission, cable, and satellite? Do not hold your breath. Even 4K video is extremely limited through those services. In addition to the BBC / NHK test transmissions, do not expect to see 8K in the waves in the near future.

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