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Apple Leak Revealed “All-New” iPhone in 2021

iPhone lovers, this exciting news is for you all as Apple is about to launch its brand-new look model of iPhone in 2021. Recently a new leak has emerged that details quite interesting information about Apple’s 2021 plans.

Furthermore, the company Apple is preparing for a stellar year with the Cupertino-based company that intends to launch a large number of phones for consumers with variable budgets.

The most prominent phones for this year will undoubtedly be the iPhone 12; though, the source of profits for Apple will be the iPhone SE2, also known as iPhone 9, as it will be impeccably priced; however, it has the best technology found in the current flagship of the iPhone 11.

2021 iPhone concept
2021 iPhone concept showing a notch-less display and edge-to-edge display
Photo Credit: BEN GESKIN

While in the fine print of a new report by the well-known Apple member Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to launch a completely new iPhone that will reintroduce Touch ID when placed on the power button. In addition, it will have a next-level design and an economical price.

According to a recent MacRumors statement, Kuo says the new iPhone will break Apple’s long ritual and be introduced in the first half of 2021. It will feature an “almost edge-to-edge design” and a smaller notch due to Face’s exclusion.

While Mr. Kuo states that the Touch ID integrated with the button will be of the capacitive variety like the original Touch ID that was embedded in the Home button and will offer an improved user experience.

Another recently statement shows that MacRumors has obtained an updated report from Ming-Chi Kuo that reveals a success in Apple’s mass production plans for its iPhones, which will also affect the iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9.

While Kuo says the Coronavirus spread will result in a 10% impact on Apple shipments, a figure that can be conservative, as it points out that smartphone shipments in the Chinese market decreased by up to 60% during the Chinese New Year period due to the Coronavirus outbreak, as such, I would not expect Apple to delay the launch of the iPhone SE2 in March, but I would expect stock levels to be lower than normal, so if this is a phone that interests you, know that when Advance orders open, you will have to move quickly.

According to Kuo, this information seems to be pointing out that Apple is seriously improving its game and could be formulated with the iPhone SE3 or a completely new range of iPhones. We are already excited to know more about this upcoming model which will be launched in 2021. Stay tuned for more updates about it!


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