You Can Finally Use On iOS And Android for The First Time
Now you can access icloud on Android

You Can Finally Use On iOS And Android for The First Time

Exciting news for all android users. You can download iCloud on your devices. Apple software solutions mostly remain within the limits of their tightly controlled mobile and desktop platforms, except for the strange exception. But the more open nature that the technology titan has been looking for lately with a subscription-based model for some services requires that applications work on all operating systems. Taking small steps in that direction, Apple has now optimized its iCloud website for mobile screens, bringing some of its popular services to Android.

To be clear, has always been available for mobile browsers, but it worked only in desktop mode, which was not particularly intuitive or convenient. Apple has redesigned the site’s interface and four of its web applications to better fit the vertical screen of a phone. The list of applications includes Notes, Reminders, Photos and Search iPhone (not Search My), while those that are still absent are Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iCloud Drive and the iWork suite.

According to the recent information which is observed, and we also found an error in the Notes application that prevented the keyboard from appearing on Android, much less adding text. In addition to these applications, the iCloud website also gives you access to some basic account settings.

No matter how silly it is to talk about a service that gets a mobile site in 2020, many Android users who also invested in Apple applications will find the mobile site at hand, even though it doesn’t match the convenience of a native application. You can add to the home screen of your Android phone using the Chrome browser and use it as PWA, although charging times may be a bit longer for these web-based services. We hope to see improvement in few bugs which few users are facing which we mentioned above.

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