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Tesla store closing in China due to Corona virus

Tesla Temporarily Closes China stores due to Coronavirus Fear

As the Coronavirus spending in Wuhan, China. A lot of companies are temporarily shutting down their stores due to the virus. Recently Tesla has for the time being closing its stores in mainland China. According to an online publication of a company’s sales clerk on that date.

The measure comes when more than half of China has closed in an effort to control the spread of a new coronavirus that has killed more than 500 people in the country. Citing public health concerns, Apple said over the weekend that it closed stores on the continent until February 9. Many other foreign brands operating in China have also temporarily suspended or limited their local business operations.

Furthermore, According to a CNBC conversion of the original Chinese text, the Tesla employee wrote in a publication in the WeChat messaging and social media application that โ€œ From today on, Tesla stores are all closed throughout China. But I will answer questions online, around the clock. Online orders are still welcome. We suggest all of you stay home, and take good care of your health.โ€

While it was not proximately clear if the closures were applied to Hong Kong. The establishment of Tesla shares fell more than 17% on Wednesday after a Tesla vice president in China, Tao Lin, announced in a Weibo publication that cars initially scheduled for delivery to customers there in early February would be delayed due to Coronavirus spread.

Tesla has 24 stores in mainland China. The automaker does not break down sales by country, but demand is so strong that Tesla opens a dedicated factory in Shanghai last year.

In an effort to keep the virus under control, Shanghai ordered local companies not to resume work before February 10, which means that the local Tesla factory is also temporarily close. We hope that the condition gets better in China.

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