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Apple Accidentally Leaked Radical iPhone Upgrade

The iPhone 12 2020 has already been widely filtered and details the largest core analysis in generations. But now Apple has accidentally exposed something that can convince millions of iPhone and Apple Watch users that it is not necessary to update.

Firstly, picked up by 9to5Mac, Apple accidentally left the code in its recently released iOS 13.4 beta version for ‘CarKey’, a completely new unannounced deal that has the likely to transform the automotive landscape by allowing iPhone and Apple Watch owners to use their devices Like digital cars keys.

Though Apple released iOS 13.4 beta 1 with scattered release notes, a deep dive discovers that this is emerging as a significant version. CarKey is the obviously hidden header. Because there is also the expected return of iCloud Folder Sharing (which was archived after presenting earlier beta versions of iOS 13). A redesign of the mail user interface (which reverses the strange decision in iOS 13 to position the answer and remove keys together) and new Memoji stickers.

Finally, a large one: iOS 13.4 will present universal purchases of iOS / macOS / tvOS applications, allowing developers to group applications on all three platforms for single discount purchases. The code strings within iOS 13.4 explain that CarKey will work just like Apple Pay with a user who authenticates through biometric data. Then takes his iPhone / Apple Watch to a reader in the car.

Other code strings in iOS 13.4 also show that CarKey is in an advanced stage with options for a CarKey Express Mode for fast unlocking (possibly for use in an emergency), CarKey shares with others, an application interface (below) that It looks like Apple Pay and detailed lines of setup instructions. As 9to5Mac points out, it seems to be ready to be officially implemented with iOS 13.4 in the next 4-6 weeks. The most exciting iPhone upgrade of 2020 could well be the one you’re about to receive for free in a few weeks. Let’s wait for the official updates soon.


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