February 26, 2024
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Researchers can ‘steal’ data by tracing the brightness of a PC Monitor

Hackers can steal data

As the technology gets advanced and many tech-savvies working toward the betterment and up-gradation. In addition, recent researches show that the researchers can steal your valuable data through tracing the brightness of a PC monitor.


It sounds extremely dangerous but there are already ways to extract data from computers without a network connection or outdated physical theft.

But this could be one of the smartest examples. Researchers have found a way to steal data from “airless” computers that are, there is no way to connect to other devices using the brightness of an LCD screen. The approach has compromised re-transmission of the computer, imperceptible changes in the RGB color values ​​of the LCD screen that a camera-equipped device can detect. Theoretically, it could trick someone into loading malware on the target system through a USB drive and use nearby hijacked security cameras to transmit that information.

However, do not worry if someone reads your login data through the window in the short term. As the methods imply, a data thief would still have to violate the victim’s computer and have cameras that they control within the line of sight. This could be useful for intelligence agencies that perform Stuxnet-style intrusions, but an attacker cannot simply sit outside his house and read data from his computer monitor. Even so, it gives ultra-safe facilities something to think about: they may not want to place cameras behind computers with air space so that a rival nation does not perform any Mission level spying Impossible.

Let us explain how these hackers steal your information through the new BRIGHT attack which is similar to all the methods described above.  They Infect the system with air space. Along with the malware that runs on the infected computer collects the data you want to steal. the malware alters the color settings of a screen to modify the brightness level. The brightness level is adjusted up / down to transmit a 0/1 binary pattern that transmits a file, one bite at a time. A close attack records the screen of the infected computer. The video is analyzed and the file is reconstructed analyzing the variations in the brightness of the screen. The research team said it tested the BRIGHTNESS attack in various configurations. The researchers say they got the best results by modifying the red pixels with about 3% of their normal settings.

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