April 23, 2024
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Ubisoft says all old games will run on next-gen PlayStation and Xbox


According to the recent broadcast from Ubisoft, the next new consoles, such as Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5.


It will be compatible with most games. The ability to play old games will grow the industry, the game company’s CEO said in a call for financial results last week, as reported by Games Radar on Tuesday.

In addition, “Those consoles will run almost the entire subsequent catalog of previous consoles,” said Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft. When asked about the main benefits of the new consoles for players. “It will be something new in the industry, it will help the old generation to remain great consoles in the market for years to come. In reality, the market will grow a lot.”

Sony plans to launch its PS5 dur ing the 2020 holiday season, and the Xbox Series X is expected to be almost at the same time. None of the consoles have an official price yet. The potential of the new consoles “is really high,” Guillemot added. “Players can be very impressed by the quality of what those new consoles will bring to the market.”

Xbox chief Phil Spencer told Gamertag Radio that he is participating in the effort to compile a list of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games that will run in the X Series said on Monday. Furthermore, “Not all games today are fully compatible. We are working on our list of approved games. You can see what I am playing; there are tons of games that work, “he said.

He also acknowledged that Xbox One did not do well against PS4: Sony’s console became the second best-selling of all time in October and had sold 108.9 million units at the end of 2019. Microsoft stopped sharing the figures for Xbox One sales in 2015, but Spencer promised “bold” strategies for the promotion of the X Series when the next generation of consoles arrives.

There is no confirmation that these compatibility plans with previous versions extend beyond the titles of the current generation to previous generations of games.

It would be great if that’s the case (imagine dusting your old TimeSplitters 2 disc to test the PS5), but at this point, we are moving from prediction to speculation. Either way, with the tentative release dates of “Holiday 2020” from both consoles, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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