March 3, 2024
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Valentine’s Day: Google Doodle lets users demonstrate their love with GIFs

google doodle valentine's day 2020

Yes, it’s the month of roses, cards, and candy. It might have already been on your gift list for Valentine’s Day, but Google has one more thing you can shower your sweetheart with GIFs. To celebrate the day of romance, the tech giant shared its extraterrestrial-themed doodle featuring two aliens who are “out of this world” in love. One is reading a love letter in teary-eyed fashion, while the other cradles a potted heart-shaped flower plant.


In fact, for Google, the day we celebrate love and romance is “out of this world,” and the tech giant is celebrating that theme this year with Valentine’s Day Doodle, visible Friday on the home page. from Google in the US UU. And in other regions. which presents a couple of adorable aliens who exchange sweet heavenly things

For almost as long as Google has existed, it has animated its basic search page with illustrations that draw attention to notable people, events, holidays and anniversaries. The special days that Google Doodles have celebrated include the Pac-Man anniversary, Copernicus’ birthday and Mother’s Day.

Guess what? that’s not all. Google Doodle is also including six Valentine’s GIFs, perfect to share with loved ones over text or social media. That’s pure love, isn’t it?  To send a gif, you can search #ValentinesDoodle in Gboard, GIF Keyboard by Tenor, or the GIF search on social apps such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

Furthermore, Google Doodle celebrates Valentine’s Day with two aliens in love and six GIFs you can send to loved ones. Google Doodle has been celebrating Valentine’s Day since 2000 with its unique-themed artwork to capture all the love in the air. Other celebratory days that feature a doodle include Lunar Year, Mother’s Day and the birthdays and anniversaries of historical figures or events.

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