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Everything You Want To Know About the PS5: Release Date, Game Launch and More

It is coming to the stage where we are anxious to get more information about the PS5. Although we know that Sony’s next-generation console will arrive sometime during the ‘Holidays 2020’ period.

A bit about the unique specifications and hardware it will bring. We are a bit small on the details that really matter: also known as the Price, games and what will be the design of PS5. Though it is exciting that the official Sony PS5 website is live, later we have to think that something is happening soon.

Here are few updates which are leaked recently

  • The Sony PS5 console might be priced higher than the PS4.
  • A luxurious console might spell the death knell of the PlayStation line.
  • Microsoft and others are busy working on distributing console-quality games to smartphones at much lower costs

What other exciting things we should expect from PS5?

Furthermore, PlayStation’s CEO Jim Ryan says there is much more news about the PS5. He said the console has a series of “unique elements” that will make it stand out from its predecessors that have not yet been announced.

Sony has now confirmed that the PS5 release date is scheduled for Holiday 2020. “These updates may not be a big surprise, but we wanted to confirm them for our PlayStation fans. As we begin to reveal additional details about our vision for the next generation. “SIEE president Jim Ryan explained on the PlayStation blog. That is also good because if Sony wants to compete with the Xbox Series X, it has to look to launch its next-generation console at the same time.

According to third-party research, the cloud game market is expected to record a compound annual growth rate of almost 25 percent until 2025. Therefore, it is not surprising to see why Microsoft is trying to make the platform Games be independent, while Sony is stuck deciding the price of the PS5.

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