April 25, 2024
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New Modern Warfare Leak Warzone will be free-to-play, support 200 Players

The next Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been an open secret since basically before the game came to light: Battle Royale may not be the phenomenon that emerged when Black Ops 4 came out, but it’s still a force Important in the gaming industry.


Furthermore, a great opportunity for an existing first-person shooter. Recently, a series of leaks, data miners, and technical problems suggested that the mode would be called “War Zone”, and now a VGC report suggests that the release date could be a little further than people expected.

According to the report, citing industry sources says Warzone should be submitted in early March. Since Call of Duty is updated on Tuesdays, that probably means March 3 or March 10.

This is not verified, so definitely take it with a grain of salt. But it is also one of those rumors that exchange what we can probably guess: Warzone will almost definitely come out in season 2, and early March is not a bad guess considering that it is not being promoted at this time.

Interestingly, the report also says that Warzone will be released as a free independent game, allowing it to compete in an arena dominated by the Fortnite and Apex legends. Players will have the opportunity to upgrade to Modern Modern Warfare if they wish.

When things get going, it sounds a little crazy. The basic bones are quite standard: placing, looting, moving to a smaller and smaller playing area, etc. It is beyond that where things get interesting. It is intended to admit up to 200 players, twice the gender standard of 100. What happens on a massive map large enough to contain existing Ground War maps within it, in addition to some other things.

There is also this wrinkle of the Gulag: defeated players will be sent to a Gulag where they can participate in 1-on-1 fighting to return to the game. There may also be killstreaks, as well as a “looting” system to bring consistent currency between matches.

It seems that some of the biggest changes in the basic formula we’ve seen since PUBG took off for the first time, and it also seems like a lot to follow. For a long time, I have argued that Battle Royale is basically a mini-MMO, and this certainly fits perfectly. Again, all this is not confirmed, there is even much evidence in the new update. We will see what happens in March.

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