The First Teaser of the Second Season of “Fortnite” is a Mysterious Signal and a Telephone Message

Finally, finally, something is finally happening. Late last night, reports began to appear that Epic was releasing teasers for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2. Not in the game, but in real life, echoing the “ARG” feeling of the period before Season 5 for a long time. back

While some Fortnite stickers and signs have been seen in Paris and Japan, the main draw is a series of signs that have appeared in São Paulo, Brazil, which you can see above. This was detected and registered by YouTuber @FlakesPower, and the sign not only has a strange yellow fingerprint symbol on the logo but at the bottom, it is actually a Brazilian phone number.

Naturally, no one has any idea what this means. We have had almost zero clues about what will come in Chapter 2, Season 2 in the last four months. All we have to follow is a few data mining designs and accessories with gold themes. Since the handprint on the sign is yellow, I wonder if this could be a kind of “Midas touch”, but the rest sounds like spying on undercover operations.

It is not clear if this is going to be a kind of ARG in which people should participate and play, but based on this singular message, there really isn’t much call to action unless you know what access and security card they are talking about. What nobody does. We have a feeling that perhaps this Brazilian sign was activated a little earlier since these other signs in Japan are not doing anything except displaying the Fortnite logo at this time. But they may have different symbols or different phone messages once they “activate.” Let us know what you think about this teaser in comment section.


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