iPhone Supplies Compromised While Apple Issues a Serious Warning

We believe that Apple company is having a really difficult week already and now it has worsened not only for Apple but also for millions of iPhone fans.

If you didn’t know about it then recently an Apple statement warns investors that the “global iPhone supply” has been affected by Coronavirus to the extent. While “it will affect worldwide revenues” and the company will no longer comply with its revenue guide from the second quarter of 2020.

Furthermore, the establishment also approves that iPhone demand has also been (understandably) affected in China. But it is not just the manufacture of recent iPhones that will suffer. While painting a darker image is a prominent Asian news site like Nikkei. it reveals that the launch of Apple’s new and exciting iPhone SE2 / iPhone 9 is now “likely” to be severely affected. But the real shock is that Nikkei says it could even affect the main launch of the iPhone 12 later this year.

According to the things are going off with a new Bloomberg report indicating that the next update of Apple iPad Pro could now also be in doubt due to the Coronavirus.

The site says Apple still supposes to launch the iPhone 9 in March “although the plans remain fluid.” In an attempt to mitigate this, Taiwan News entitlements that Apple has begun moving part of its manufacturing from China to Taiwan with AirPods, iPads and Apple Watch production among the first to leave.

Another statement stated that “Apple is trying to diversify its supply chain geographically due to the spread of the virus, which has seriously affected Apple’s production of products. It is estimated that at least one-third of China’s production lines will remain inactive in the first quarter of this year, “reveal its experts.

Apple has also been preparing updated iPad Pro models with a new camera system for the first half of 2020 and the virus may still impose delays or restrictions on those plans.

While “Suppliers are doing everything possible to produce and ship the iPhone [cheaper] in four weeks. The delay may not be too long, otherwise, it will affect the sales strategy of Apple’s new products in the second half this year, “revealed a Nikkei source with direct information of the staple. We hope that Apple overcomes these issues.


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