April 13, 2024
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Apple investor Warren Buffett Upgrades from a Foldable Phone to an iPhone


According to the recent interview of Mr. Warren, he said that his foldable phone is permanently gone.


Once a fan of the $ 20 Samsung SCH-U320, Buffett is now using the latest iPhone 11. Apple has long been a foldable phone user, although Apple is Berkshire Hathaway’s third-largest business. Behind of insurance and railways. Now, he said, the folding phone “is gone forever” even though he admitted that he primarily uses the iPhone for phone calls.

“You are seeing an 89-year-old boy who is just beginning to do so,”. Buffett said although he does not use “all his facilities like most people.”

“I use it as a tele phone,” he said. Buffett said in the past that he uses an iPad to verify stock prices and investigate.

Furthermore, the most talked-about Billionaire Warren Buffett is finally the proud owner of a smartphone iPhone. The 89-year-old business mogul, who by chance owns 5.6 percent of Apple’s shares. He told CNBC that he recently updated his Samsung Haven foldable phone to an iPhone 11.

After using the folding phone as recently as 2019, Buffett notes that it has officially separated. While adopting smartphones, although he did not mention which iPhone 11 model he is using. “My folding phone is gone forever,” Buffett said.

Buffett tells CNBC that he did not buy an iPhone, but was given away by “several of them” by numerous people, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, who has been trying to get Buffett to switch to an Apple-manufactured device during the minus a few. years. Cook even told Bloomberg TV in 2018 that he would personally fly to Omaha and provide technical support for Buffett if he ever needed it.

Although Buffett finally changed, he says he is strictly using his iPhone to make phone calls. Buffett also owns an iPad and uses it primarily to conduct research and verify stock prices.

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