February 26, 2024
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First live Photo of Oppo smartwatch discloses Google Wear Operating System

Earlier this year, an Oppo executive revealed the first official image of the Oppo smartwatch, showing its design. Today, a real-life photo of the device revealed that it will run Google’s Wear operating system, closing the door to rumors about an interface developed by Oppo.


Furthermore, Oppo Watch has been teased several times, in which its appearance and some key features were confirmed. But none of these teasers tip anything else, for example, the operating system.

A new leak now shows what could be the first live image of the Oppo Watch with Wear OS. Contrary to the previous speculation that Oppo will preload Oppo Watch with its custom operating system, the smartwatch has been seen running Google software for portable devices. In addition, it is also said that Oppo Watch has a small size and has an aggressive price.

According to the live image leaked by an informant on Weibo, the Oppo watch will have a ‘flexible’ curved edge screen that is rectangular in shape, something that has been confirmed by Brian Shen of Oppo, who is the vice president and president of Global marketing.

In addition, the curved glass panel was recently filtered to take a closer look at what the Oppo Watch will pack on top. An earlier breakthrough also revealed that there will be two physical buttons on the right side of the Oppo Watch. According to teasers and leaks that have emerged so far, Oppo Watch looks almost similar to Apple Watch.

While the specifications and features of the Oppo Watch have not leaked in abundance, it is speculated that the smartwatch will support a sensor to measure the ECG.

The implementation of an ECG measurement tool in a smartwatch will increase prices, but the informant believes that Oppo will put an aggressive price on the Oppo watch. Only a handful of smartwatches come with an ECG sensor, for example, the Apple Watch Series 4 or higher and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Shen, who has also enthusiastically shared the details of the Oppo Watch one after the other, has not revealed anything. over the ECG sensor so far.

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