T-Mobile launches another 5G anti-Verizon campaign

T-Mobile launches another 5G anti-Verizon campaign

T-Mobile is once more concentrating on its marketing energy on verbally tearing down the Verizon 5G network. In an advertising campaign launched on Wednesday, T-Mobile calls its rival operator “Verwhyzon” and asks why Verizon 5G is only available in limited areas.

“In the 5G era, they are losing the crown of their network,” T-Mobile CTO, Neville Ray, said in a blog post. “They have gotten into a technological corner with a 5G strategy focused on the millimeter-wave. They bet on the wrong horse and are now trying to announce their departure.”

T-Mobile’s new anti-Verizon 5G ad campaign has launched.

5G, released in some parts of the USA. UU. By Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, it is being used by smartphones to provide faster speeds and greater capacity. Verizon is using the millimeter-wave spectrum for deployment, which is limited to traveling short distances and being blocked by solid obstacles such as buildings and trees, while T-Mobile relies on the low band spectrum, which means a better range but slower speeds.

Furthermore, T-Mobile, which finally managed to merge with Sprint earlier this month, also established a new Twitter identifier for the parody brand Verwhyzon.

Here’s what Verizon has to say about it

Verizon said Ray “spends a lot of time and energy focused on the Verizon network.” “Maybe you should pay more attention to your own 5G network. It can’t even match the performance of our 4G LTE network,” said Kevin King, Verizon’s communications director, in a statement sent via email.

T-Mobile launched an advertising campaign last year similar to Verizon’s lack of transparency about where its 5G networks were live, which T-Mobile now calls “a truly accurate representation of Verizon 5G marketing.” T-Mobile rated its VerHideZon campaign as successful and credited that Verizon finally published 5G availability maps in November. The Verizon 5G network is live in 34 cities across the country, with Little Rock, Arkansas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Cincinnati the latest in getting new service.

T-Mobile service is available in almost every state. Its $ 26.5 billion mergers with Sprint will also see the incorporation of the latter’s mid-band 5G network, which is live in parts of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Houston, Kansas City, Missouri, Phoenix, and Washington DC

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