One of Apple’s major events is approaching in 2020: will the coronavirus ruin it?

One of Apple’s major events is approaching in 2020: will the coronavirus ruin it?

Two months in 2020 and it’s already many of the major events of the technology manufacturing have been completely affected thanks to the continued spread of the coronavirus. Furthermore, which bestowing to the latest data is accountable for more than 82,000 cases worldwide and more than 2,800 deaths.

However, earlier this month, the organizers of the Mobile World Congress announced the cancellation of this year’s event, which is the largest mobile commerce fair in the world and where some of the most important names in technology traditionally show their latest and Best products.

What are the recent updates from the MWC?

In the meantime, leading attendees such as Microsoft have begun to withdraw from the Game Developers Conference which, as of now, is still scheduled to begin on March 16. Although it is still subject to change. Along the same lines, the organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics say they are considering canceling the games directly, in case the virus is not contained at the time they are scheduled to start in July. And today, Facebook said it is rejecting its F8 conference and instead plans to organize a series of meetings and virtual events that will be announced at a later date. All of which now takes us to Apple.

The annual developer conference of the iPhone manufacturer will not only be held in a matter of months, but Apple generally announces the dates in March. That is already generating some predictions about what, in fact, Apple will do as much as possible to cancel WWDC 2020 or let it continue as planned.

It is not that the company has not taken action in response to the continued spread of the virus. In January, Apple temporarily closed all 42 stores in China. Apple also said earlier this month that the effects of the business-related virus, such as closed stores and fewer people buying smartphones, will keep the company from meeting the proceeds targets it had projected for the current quarter.

Apple could always broadcast dates next month with a mark, announcing that WWDC is still on but subject to any event that develops. And, in the worst case, you could always organize the event remotely, with a live broadcast of how a lot of people access the even.

However, now all eyes are on Apple to see what will be of the annual conference that always presents the main presentation and the presentation of new software for its countless devices.

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