Grand Theft Auto Fans Discovered New “Evidence” which Revealed New GTA 6

Rockstar Games has recently updated its website with a new and mysterious work of art, which began to stir the rumors and speculation of Grand Theft Auto VI soon. Although the artwork did not show any solid proof of the next Grand Theft Auto game, the piece suggests a little more towards the next Grand Theft Auto series. Although it has not yet been announced, it is a fairly shared opinion that it would be available for the PS5 and also for the Xbox Series X.

Is there any hidden message in the updated website?

As you know, no one has been able to really decode the new work of art, what some suggest is that there is nothing to be mocked or hidden inside. While the latter is certainly possible, a recent finding of a particular work of art suggests otherwise. More specifically, the GTAVINR Twitter account noted that a piece features 16 logos all aligned, which is obviously a strange design choice if there is nothing else. That said, maybe there is more.

The Twitter account notes that Grand Theft Auto VI, the supposed title of the next installment of the series, also has 16 characters. Interesting and exciting, right? but at least it’s a very strange coincidence. As you know, Rockstar Games is very deliberate.

It is also known to drip open teasers in this way. And it is also known that fans trolls sometimes. Who knows what this could be an example, but whatever it is, has Grand Theft Auto fans talking and reflecting?

Interestingly, Rockstar Games currently has two private videos not posted on its YouTube channel. It is believed that one of these is related to GTA Online, however, it is not clear what the other could be. Naturally, fans think it could be related to GTA 6. Let us know in the comment section about your thoughts on it.


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