April 25, 2024
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Apple Unexpectedly Leaks All-New Radical iPhone Plans


According to the recent news about Apple’s iPhone 2020, new plans are really exciting with leaks after leaks pointing to some of the best updates in years.


Guess what Apple leaked now? Well, Apple has accidentally confirmed two of the biggest leaks of 2020. In a couple of exclusives, the famous 9to5Mac forensic has managed to leak the Apple iOS 14 code which is full of references to the company’s upcoming products and features. These are the most protruding for iPhone fans. We know it sounds interesting for all iPhone lovers.

But while the big spec news on popular iPhone 12 with popular YouTuber Everything Apple Pro pairing with prolific Max Weinbach filter to reveal iPhone 12 Pro Max. It will come with a massive 4,400 mAh battery (over 400 mAh from the iPhone 11 Pro Max), additional confirmation of the new 120Hz ProMotion displays in the range and a massive upgrade.

More from the update is that the camera to a new 64-megapixel primary shooter. It goes without saying that the news from the camera is the most important and a potential change to Pixel Binning (as used in the Galaxy S20 range) would be the biggest technical change to iPhone cameras in years.

Furthermore, as the battery capacity increases, although they sound great on paper. We totally appreciate they are just there to make up for their 5G connectivity that needs more power. As such, we would expect the same excellent resistance delivered by the iPhone 11 line, but not significantly better. That camera, on the other hand, could change the game.

iPhone just announced in budget Phone

9to5 Mac discovered that within iOS 14 there are repeated references to iPhone 9 (formerly called iPhone SE2), Apple’s exciting re-entry into the low-budget smartphone sector. The iOS 14 code confirms that the iPhone 9 will launch with Touch ID (apparently confirming its retro filtered design), as well as a support reference for Express Transit capabilities, which allows you to pay for trips on major travel networks, including the MTA in New York and TfL in London. Great news for those who think that the iPhone is not in their range.

All-New iPhone Edge announced

Similar to Android’s app drawer, iOS 14 introduces a new ‘list view’ option which enables users to see all their installed apps at once. Moving beyond Android, iOS 14 will allow users to sort this list by frequency of use, new notifications and more while smart app suggestions will predict what apps you need based on the time and your location.

In addition to this, iOS 14 will bring system-wide support for mouse cursors and new gestures for switching apps. The combination of all these factors is going to radically change how iPhone owners use their devices. Let us know what you think about these leaks and updates in the comment section below.

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