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One-Punch Man Season 3: Renewed? Everything The Fan Should Know

The fans are desperately asking for the whereabouts of One-Punch Man Season 3. The second season of this anime ended last year, and now the fans are eagerly waiting for the third season. The previous season of this anime came after a long hiatus, and the fans don’t want to experience this break anymore. The inaugural season of this anime was one of the most successful seasons of all time. Unlike the debut installment, the second season got some mixed reviews and ratings. In this article, the viewers will read every single detail about the upcoming season of this anime series. 

One-Punch Man is a Japanese anime series. It is the remake of the manga of the same name, which itself is an adaptation of the Japanese superhero webcomic. The anime of this series made its debut in 2015 and became an instant hit. This season gained unexpected popularity and became fan’s favorite all over the world. The second season of this show aired between April and July in 2019. It follows the story of Saitama, the strongest superhero in the world. He spends three years in specialized training for getting strong and became a hero only for fun.

One-Punch Man Season 3: Renewed?

The second season ended in July 2019, and since then, the fans are asking whether or not there will be a third season of this anime. However, this franchise is famous enough not to get an official confirmation because sooner or later, it will happen. Moreover, it is one of the most successful and profitable productions ever. So One-Punch Man Season 3 is definitely on the cards, we just have to wait for the revelation of it. 

After the finale of the second season, the official Twitter account of OPM gave the fans some hints. The creators said that this anime is not over, and they will do their best to release the anime again. They also requested support from the fans to continue the series further on. Therefore the chances of One Punch Man Season 3 getting a green light are extremely high. The demand for the third season is increasing day by day. If it gets canceled, then it might cause some resentment from the fans. Therefore it can also become a reason for the renewal of the series. 

Do The Creators Have Enough Source Material?

The main reason behind the hiatus is the lack of content. As of December 2019, The creators published a total of 21 manga volumes. The debut season covered seven volumes, whereas the second one continues the story until the sixteenth volume. Now the creators only have five volumes left for the third season. For One-Punch Man Season 3, the creators will need at least seven to eight manga volumes as source material. Therefore the production houses have no other options but to wait for Yusuke Murata to publish new manga volumes. 

One-Punch Man Season 3: Spoilers!

In the previous season, the fans witness the series first antihero, Garou. In the second season, Saitama also defeated Elder Centipede, and New Williams abducted Garou. The most awaited face-off between Garou and Saitama will happen in One-Punch Man Season 3. The fans are really hyped for the next season because of this face-off.  

The final moments of the previous season left a lot of openings for the third season by adapting the Monster Association arc. The arc begins to build around the fifteenth volume of the manga and is yet to complete until the last part. According to some rumors, the storyline will continue at least until a year throughout a few volumes. However, it is difficult to say if the third season will cover the entire plotline or not. The might be a chance that One-Punch Man Season 3 will leave the fans again with a cliffhanger. 

According to some reports, in the next season, Saitama will have less screen time than Season 2. Lots of fans felt that the presence of Saitama in the second season was not as noticeable as in the inaugural season. The fans definitely want Saitama to get more screen time. The episodes centered on the Monster Association and their encounter with several S-Class heroes across the city. This trend of less Saitama is only likely to worsen in the upcoming season. 

Even though Saitama restored the spotlight by the finale, his overall appearance was not enough for the fans. In One-Punch Man Season 3, The Monster Association arc will continue its run. However, the Heroes Association will put up an intense fight. They will try to penetrate the monsters’ headquarter while S-Class heroes will commence several one-on-one contests.

OPM Season 3 will have action-packed episodes with more fighting scenes. However, Genos will be expected to be absent in the upcoming season. Apart from the action scenes, the show will continue to keep its sarcastic tone. In the next part of the story, the fans will see the Heroes Association gathering against the monsters.

Will The Fans See Lord Orochi?

Saitama is one hell of a fighter, and he can beat anyone with his powerful punches. He never encountered an opponent worthy enough to beat him. Therefore the fans think the leader of the Monster Association, Lord Orochi can be the real opponent for Saitama. The fans still don’t know a lot about Orochi except for the fact that he’s so intimidating that all the monsters lie in terror of being consumed by him. There might be a chance that the fans will see or get to know more about his origin in One-Punch Man Season 3. 

Fans Demanding Change In Production House!

For the second installment of this anime, the production went from Madhouse to JC Staff. The fans didn’t like and appreciate the second season as much as they did the first one. The critics and the fans blamed JC Staff for low-quality animations and its performance. The fans want One-Punch Man Season 3 to be produced by Madhouse again. However, some are hoping that Bones studio comes forward and saves the third season of this anime. As of now, JC Staff is the current producer of this anime series. 

One-Punch Man Season 3: Release Date

Since the creators do not officially renew the third season of this series. Therefore it is hard to predict the release date of the upcoming season. Now the creators are waiting for collecting more source material, and only then will they start the productions. Hence the fans have to wait a little more until late 2021 or early 2022. 

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