February 26, 2024

JBL C100TWS: Honest Consumer Review, You Should Buy It Or Not?

JBL is a known name when it comes to music. The company produces premium quality devices that offer fantastic sound. Millions of people are a fan of the JBL Sound Signature. The right amount of bass coupled with the well-balanced highs and lows. JBL knows how to do it. While products are usually prices towards the higher side, the American sound company is putting together budget-friendly devices for India. You must have seen the previously launched wired earphones that are priced aggressively. Just two months ago, they launched a truly wireless earphone, JBL C100TWS. While it was pretty difficult to get hands-on the device, I somehow managed to order the device. Here is a review that would help you know the device better.


Build Quality And Connectivity Are Not The Plus Points

First, let us talk about the build quality. After getting my hands on some other products in the price range, like SoundCore Liberty and Realme Air, I think that JBL has saved some cost here. The charging case and the earpieces themselves are made with mid-quality plastic. The hinge has some wobble to it. Yet they have a very snuggle fit. The earpieces never fell from my ears, even while casual dancing to some music.

Also, the right earpiece is the primary connector. This means that the right earpiece is the one that connects with your device. JBL has cut corners here as well. You cannot use the left earpiece alone, while the right one is off or in charging.   

The Case Easily Last For 3 Days On A Single Charge 

Talking about the battery life on this one, it is pretty decent. I got around 4 to 5 hours of battery life (from the earpiece) in a single charge. This is a good thing, as you can go through a movie, without the need to charge your device. While watching movies, you might feel that the earpieces are not loud enough. But you may download some third party volume boosters to deal with it. The charging case offers 3 to 4 times of full charge. I usually charge my devices at night, and then enjoy the juice for the whole day.

Sound Quality Is Better Than Its Competitors

Talking about sound quality, they are one of the best options in the price range. Previously I have been using Sennheiser’s wired earphones and the sound quality was just nuts. Comparing it with Noise Shots, Realme Buds Air, I can say that the sound stage is much broader. The bass is a bit emphasized, but the highs and mids compliment it. Overall, they offer pretty good sound quality in the price range that they come. They come with a 5.8mm driver, which might be smaller, but produces superior sound quality.

They connect via Bluetooth 5.0, but the absence of a low-latency mode bugged me. While playing video games, especially Pubg, you might find here a bullet shot after a headshot killed you. The design is pretty good. They look stylish. Call quality is a bit on the average side. While outside, the other party was not able to hear my voice.

All-in-all, if you are running short on budget, and you need to get rid of the daily hazard of untangling your earphones, you can go for these. They are available in two colors, black and white. And are available on Flipkart and the official site for 4000INR.

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