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How To Properly Disinfect Your Mobile Device Without Ruining It

IPhone SE2

IPhone SE2

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has led to many changes in our lifestyle so far. We are washing our hands all the time, sanitizing the packages of packages items and using all kinds of disinfectants. While you are busy cleaning the other surfaces in your house, your mobile phone might become a home for harmful germs and bacteria. And while people overlook this possibility most of the time, the pandemic has forced people into putting thought. 

Our phone is something that stays with us the whole time. Think about it; you take a shower every day, you change your clothes, your bed sheets and everything. But what about your mobile phone? Throughout its life, your smartphone has to run in the same body, with the same components. Several studies show that smartphone screens are prone to be infected by germs, as it is exposed to many things. Sanitizing or disinfecting your smartphone might be tricky. What might seem to clean it might harm your device in the long run. 

Let us discuss the things that you should not be doing

  • Do not clean your smartphone’s screen with hand sanitizers. Any higher than 70% of isopropyl alcohol can damage the screen. This would make your mobile phone more prone to scratches and dirt. 
  • Do not clean your phones while they are charging. There are chances that the liquid might get inside and hamper the circuitry of your device.
  • Window cleaners, kitchen cleaners, detergents, antiseptic liquids. All can harm your mobile phone screen. Some chemicals can not only harm the surface but can harm the screen components.
  • Some people use compressed air to clean the smartphones. The force can damage the delicate parts of your smartphone.

Let us talk about ways in which our device can be disinfected.

  • Use lint-free, microfiber cloths to clean the screen of your device. If required, use clean water to dampen the cloth. Mobile screens are as delicate as the glasses we wear to correct our vision. Handle them with care. Do not spill the water directly on the screen.
  • Clean the screen with wipes like Clorox or Lysol. These have a perfect combination of chemicals that can disinfect your device, without causing any long term or short term damage. Let the phone dry entirely before you start using it again.
  • Always clean the body of your smartphone, the back panel. People often clean their phones but forget the cover. Remove your cover while doing this. You can use the wipes for cleaning the cover as well. And then clean all the top and bottom panels of your device.
  • You can apply screen guards that are anti-microbial. They prevent the growth of bacteria and germs on your screen. And keep changing them at regular intervals of time.

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