May 26, 2024
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The Blacklist Season 8: Happening Or Not? Everything You Need To Know

the blacklist season 8

The seventh season of Blacklist just ended with the partially animated finale. Just like other shows, the installment was cut short because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Now that the seventh season has concluded, fans are already calling out and asking for the details for The Blacklist Season 8. Will another installment release? What will happen next are the few questions right now. Keep reading to know all about what is coming up in The Blacklist Season 8


Is The Blacklist Season 8 Possible?

A few months ago, in February 2020, NBC gave the green light for The Blacklist Season 8 received the green light. Co-president of Sony Pictures Television, Chris Parnell said that the brilliant cast, crew, the writing staff, and the whole crew, led by John Eisendrath and Jon Bokenkamp have shown unparalleled creativity. He continued to say that we will all have to wait until we see what is coming up.

The Blacklist Season 8: The Possible Plot!

The seventh season of The Blacklist could not really complete the production. They had to end the productions three episodes earlier than what they had planned. Spoilers reveal that the producers, Bokenkamp and Eisendrath are now deciding whether they should begin The Blacklist season 8 with where they left in season 7, the plotline they could not pursue there because of the remaining episodes or start new.

In an interview, Eisendrath said that they normally start a new season in the writer’s room. There they think about all the great stuff from the previous year. This year, it will be different he said. Eisendrath continued to say that this year, they will start with all the great stuff they haven’t yet filmed. He hopes that it will give them a start. In fact, a powerful start. However, the same interview told me that the show hasn’t yet gone into the writer’s room. There’s some time before The Blacklist Season 8 would release.

Who Is In The Cast?

After the seventh season of the show, the contracts of many actors of the series including that of James Spader and Megan Boone came to an end. However, the contracts of all of them were renewed in the anicipation of show’s renewal. That means most of the cast will be back for The Blacklist Season 8.

When Will The Show Release?

When could The Blacklist Season 8 release is a big question? The IMDB currently says that the eighth season will come back in 2021. However, all the productions have now been stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it is still unclear when the season could release. We can all just hope for the best.

Usually, The Blacklist begins the production in late September or early October. For that, the production usually starts by July or August. For example, For season 6, the productions started on January 3, 2019. However, that could not be done for Season 8, so, the delay could happen. We will keep updating this space with all the news as it comes. So, you keep checking this space for the latest updates.

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