May 20, 2024
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Supergirl Season 6: Confirmed? Everything The Fans Should Know

Supergirl Season 6

The latest season of Supergirl ended recently with its unintentional finale, and now the fans are wondering for the whereabouts of Supergirl Season 6. One more series has come to an early end due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The fans loved this superhero series a lot and were disappointed about the early wrap of this show. This series received a great response from the critics as well. Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the sixth season. 


Supergirl is an American superhero TV series.  Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg developed this show. It is based on the eponymous DC character who is a cousin of Superman and also one of the last surviving Kryptonians. The show made its debut on 26 October 2015 and became a breakout hit. The critics praised this show for its theme, performances and storylines.

Supergirl Season 6
The CW

Is The Show Renewed?

The CW already renewed the show for Supergirl Season 6 In January 2020. However, it will not follow the same releasing pattern as the previous seasons. The Coronavirus outbreak has already affected the fifth season of this show and cut it short with three episodes. There is also news of the series lead actress Melissa Benoist being pregnant. Both these factors will delay the production of this show for a specific time period. Therefore this time, the fans have to wait a lot longer than usual for seeing its favourite show back on screen. 

Supergirl Season 6
The CW

Supergirl Season 6: Plot Details!

The creators had to re-written the finale of the fifth season at the last moment which results in a whole different ending. The finale left the fans gasping to know about the big bad for Supergirl Season 6. Since the story is set in the Arrowverse, hence its plot gets affected by the events of other series set in this universe as well. In the fifth season, Kara and her allies defeat the agents of Leviathon. Meanwhile, Kara is also dealing with Lex Luthor, a criminal mastermind. However, after the events of the last episode, he became one of the most respected men in the world. 

Supergirl Season 6 will tie all the loose ends of the fifth season. It will also reveal the fate of Brainy and tell the fans whether she is alive or not after the spaceship incident. It also seems that Lena is finally on Kara’s side. Now it will be exciting to see how their partnership will work against the antagonists. In the upcoming season, Kara and Alex might find out that Eve is the one who killed Jeremiah. Lex manipulated her into killing him. The fans are going curious to watch how things will turn out to be when Eve confesses her crime. 

Supergirl Season 6 Plot
The CW

The forthcoming season will also reveal what exactly Lex and Lillian are up to and what is their evil masterplan.  Lex had expected Brainy to shrivel and bottle the immortals, and it appeared that move worked right into the plan he’d had all along. Now it goes without saying that they’ll execute their masterplan in the sixth season and threaten our protagonists. 

Supergirl Season 6: Release Date

All the previous seasons of this series premiered in October. However, it is not possible for the creators to release the sixth season in the same month. The production shutdown is still in continuation, and currently, it is not known when it will be lifted. The creators announced that The CW would release Supergirl Season 6 in the midseason 2021. The creators may delay the show further due to the pregnancy of the lead girl, Melissa Benoist.  

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