The 100 Season 7

The 100 Season 7: Everything To Know Before The Premiere!

The 100 Season 7: And now the countdown begins. Just a few hours from now, The 100 Season 7 will hit our screens. The seventh season of the show is coming in to answer various questions. Thankfully the show had completed the production before COVID-19 pandemic put a halt in all the productions of various shows. So, the show will premiere on May 20. That means it is just a matter of a few hours before we will get to see a new installment of our favorite show.

The last time we saw Clarke and other characters were in the season finale for the sixth installment- “The Blood of Sanctum.” Then, Clarke has blown all the primes out of Eliguis IV’s airlock and right into space. That left Russell and Gabriel alive. Raven had freed Madi from Sheidheda’s control. He had removed and destroyed the Flames. It felt like Sheidheda’s consciousness was not deleted with all the flame data. By the end, there was a big explosive and mysterious final scene. Diyoza’s adult daughter Hope came out of Anomaly and murdered Octavia, and then she vanished with Bellamy in a puff of green smoke. That left everyone with many questions. Will The 100 season 7 answer them? Here is all that might be coming up.

The 100 Season 7: Trailer

Here is the trailer for The 100 season 7. Have a look

Is This The Last Season?

Sadly, The 100 season 7 will be the last we see of the show. CW had renewed the series back on April 24, 2019. This season will have 16 episodes and premiere on May 20, 2020. In August, the network announced that The 100 season 7 would be the last season of the series. With this, the show will complete the run of a total of 100 episodes.

The 100 Season 7

The 100 Season 7: What Is Coming Up?

The sixth season of The 100 left all the viewers with many big questions. That includes questions about Anomaly, the future of the Planet Alpha, and everyone still living there. How will the story conclude for the heroes? The show has had a fantastic run, but now it is coming to an end, so here is what could be coming up.

What Happened To Octavia? What Is The Anomaly?

More or less, the main focus of The 100 season 7 will be on the Anomaly. The finale episode of the sixth season revealed that Octavia has a back tattoo that she got when she was in the Anomaly. She remembers nothing about that time. Later on Hope, Diyoza’s unborn daughter walks out of it as a grown woman. She has the anomaly tattoo on her face. Octavia recognizes her and accepts her fate when Hope stabs her. Both the women mention a very mysterious man who they address as “he.” He is the same person who is holding Diyoza and wants Octavia dead. After that, Octavia falls into Bellamy’s arms and then vanishes, leaving viewers asking if she is dead or alive?

The 100 Season 7

Viewers will get to see a lot of Octavia in the upcoming season. However, it is still unclear whether she is real, dreamt, or in some other dimension, maybe? Now coming to Anomaly, viewers know that it is actually a wormhole that leads to everywhere as per Raven. But that is very little information about the Anomaly. It has time wrapping capabilities, and now the unknown he referred to in season 6 only makes it more mysterious. Season 7 will most probably address this question.

What Will Happen For Sanctum?

By the end of the sixth season, Sanctum was left in very bad shape. Primes have now left. That has left the Sanctum population believing in their god-like status. It is still not clear that or not they will accept Clarke or Madi’s leadership. Perhaps Murphy and Emori would be the interim leaders for the Sanctum. Nobody knows that they aren’t the real Primes.

The 100 Season 7

A civil war will most likely break out between Sanctum’s original settlers and the new Earth’s newcomers. Russell is alive, and that calls for another question. Will his former people accept Clarke? Will they take him as a prisoner or maybe even execute him? The trailer for The 100 season 7 hints that she might do that. A fight will, for sure, come up for the Sanctum leadership. So, that might be in the cards for season 7. New rivals might come in from the Anomaly if they decide they wanted to invade Planet Alpha. After all, it has come up in the show many times. And this is the final season, so that is possible.

What Could Sheidheda Bring In?

In the sixth season, Raven wipes Fame’s code to save Madi’s life. However, when they cut the Flame, they come to know that Sheidheda had tricked them and uploaded his consciousness outside the Flame. That means it is out there and most likely in Elihuis’s network. In The 100 season 7, we will get to know about all the consequences of these events.

The 100 Season 7

One of the most immediate questions after that is, where is Sheidheda? What will he bring in for the heroes in season 7? Viewers will see him again, for sure. The question is, how will he manifest now that the Flame does not exist? Is it possible that he can control all the information he uploaded himself to it? Could the network actually be an armed spaceship? He was the only villain in season 6, so he will have a big influence on The 100 season 7.

Will The Core Team Succeed?

The main theme of The 100 throughout the run has been survival. The show had made Clarke and Bellamy’s mission to keep their people alive. Initially, it was survival of 100 delinquents, then slowly it became of everyone from the Ark and then from the Grounders. After the fifth season ended, their people also started including all the prisoners from the Eliguis chip and now even the survivors from Sanctum.

The 100 Season 7

Throughout the series, mortality has been a big responsibility for Clarke and Bellamy. They have strived to do all the right things and be the good guys. However, the show has made it clear that survival is not black and white but also in all shades of grey. Even after that, Monty sent out a message to all his friends who got delivered to them in the 200 years into the future. He has one simple thing to say- Do Better. Will The 100 season 7 give everyone a happy ending? Will Clarke and Bellamy be able to rest? Knowing that they have fulfilled their friend’s wish? We will see it sooner than later.

Who Will We See?

Eliza Taylor is coming back for The 100 Season 7. Not just her, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropuolos, Richard Harmon, Shannon Kook, Tasya Teles, JR Bourne, Chuku Modu, and Shelby Flannery are all coming back. Many guest stars are coming in for the season. That includes Adina Porter, Luisa d’Oliveira, Jarod Joseph, Sachin Sahel, Jessica Harmon, Tai Gabrielle, Lola Flanery, and Ivana Milicevic.

We look forward to what is coming up in The 100 season 7. The show hits our screens on May 20, at 8 p.m. ET on CW. The first episode is titled From the Ashes. Don’t miss out on it. Also, stay tuned with us for all the latest news and updates.


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