Agents Of SHIELD Season 7

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7: First Look! Everything To Know Before The Premiere

The premiere date of Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 is just around the corner, and it will be the beginning of the end for the final season of this series. The fans are really hyped to see the time travel one more time in the MCU Universe after the Avengers: Endgame. Keep reading to know everything about the seventh season of this show ahead of its premiere.

Agents Of SHIELD is an American action TV series based on the characters of Marvel comic organization known as SHIELD. The adventures of this show also take place in the MCU Universe. This series made its debut on 24 September 2013 and became an instant hit. All the previous seasons of this series are highly beloved by the fans and got great reviews from the critics as well. 

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7
Marvel, ABC

First Look Of The Final Season!

Marvel Entertainment released the final trailer of the seventh season of this show a few weeks ago. And now they also released a sneak-peek into the premiere episode of Agents Of SHIELD Season 7. The sneak peek doesn’t reveal much about the plot twist, but it confirms the time travel. And told the viewers how dangerous it could prove for the world. In the first look footage, the fans can see the agents exploring the city back in 1931. 

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7: Plot Details!

According to the creators, the final season of this show will be bittersweet for the fans. GOT fans must be familiar with this word. One of the lead characters, Chloe Bennet, already told the viewers that everyone would not be going to like the final season. He said, “With the end of every series, I mean you look at Game of Thrones – if you have a fanbase that worries about the characters, they’re going to have a possessiveness over how you want it to finish. I do that all the time with shows.”

In Agents of SHIELD Season 7, the team will take a trip back in time as Coulson with his team will attempt to stop Chronicoms from destroying them and the Earth. In the final season, the agents will visit multiple time periods. Coulson will also have to save the wicked organization HYDRA in order to keep the Shield. It will be exciting to see what kind of time travel will the fans see in this series. By the look of teaser and trailer, it looks far different from Avengers: Endgame. 

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Plot
Marvel, ABC

Marvel also released the synopsis for the seventh season of this show, along with its first look. It reads, “Coulson and the Agents of SHIELD are stuck backward in time and stranded in 1931 New York City. With the all-new Zephyr set to time-jump at any moment, the team must hurry to find out precisely what happened. If they fail, it would mean disaster for the past, present, and future of the world.”

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7: Release Date

The title of the first episode of the final season is “The New Deal.” It will begin the final chapter of this critically acclaimed show. Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 will premiere on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 on ABC. The fans should better prepare themselves because a lot of twists are on their way to thrill them.


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