March 1, 2024
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The Walking Dead Season 11: Future Of The Series, How Many Seasons Left?

The Walking Dead Season 11

The Walking Dead Season 10 is coming to an end. The show is reportedly taking a break to schedule the season finale on AMC later this year. Well, what? You heard it right. The coronavirus pandemic affecting the global entertainment production has put a full stop on releasing season 10 finale. With this, the fans are already thinking about The Walking Dead Season 11. However, a significant question crossing several minds is how many seasons are left for this nailbiting series? Stay with us as we have got you covered.


The post-apocalyptic series first premiered in 2010. Since then, it continued to enjoy raving reviews and popularity. People have been gushing over one of the biggest television shows for over a decade now. Although, the series has survived numerous character changes and different narratives, and season 10 was finally ending before the corona outbreak chipped in. The fans would now have to wait for the final episode to be out.

What About The Walking Dead Season 11?

The Walking Dead season 11 remains an unknown entity. The series got inspiration from Robert Kirkman’s iconic run of comic books. According to the comics, the show has a lot more in store for us. In addition to this, AMC has already ordered the next batch of episodes. That clearly translates to the possibility of season 11 soon after the finale episode of season 10, titled ‘A Certain Doom.’ However, the show’s star shares a different opinion.

The Walking  Dead Season 11

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan admitted that the prospects of season 11 are grim. He added that everything is a mystery for him. It is a new world.

The Walking Dead Season 11: What Will Happen?

Season 11 should have been filming now if the pandemic did not step in. However, this break has given more time to the writers who are working extensively on the script. In the time of social distancing, it would be interesting to see how this show would turn out to be.

Usually, The Walking Dead premieres in October. However, it would take a global virus spread to alter its October release window. Season 11 would likely release later after season 10 final episode.

Furthermore, rumors are spreading that something will happen in season 11, leading to several characters heading out to rescue Rick and help him escape from where he is held captive.

The Walking Dead Season 11

Future Of The Walking Dead

Typically, Robert Kirkman’s original comics might make a 12 season series. However, the chapters of the comics do not correctly translate into seasons. Season 10 is following the whisperer war arc with beta and his skin-clad goons getting after the evacuees of Alexandria. With this, season 11 might cover the end of the whisperer arc and take the first part of the commonwealth arc into consideration. And season 12 would probably end the entire story.

Although The Walking Dead is the most popular property of AMC, its viewership has declined in recent times. This might change the future course for the show.

Nonetheless, the two spin-offs Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond are doing good. They would potentially be finished by 2022. For more updates on the upcoming seasons of The Walking Dead, stay tuned with us.

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