April 24, 2024

New Game Season 3: Finally Confirmed? When Will It Release? Details

New Game Season 3

After waiting for three long years, it’s finally time to watch more of the CGDCT drama. As of now, hopes for the release of New Game Season 3 or New Game!!! are pretty high. In fact, after the release of the latest New Game manga volume, the future of its anime adaptation looks bright. So when will the new episodes come out? Here’s everything you need to know.


New Game! turned out to be one of the earliest additions in the ‘Cute Girl Does Cute Things’ genre. With its debut back in July 2016, the series became immensely popular amongst the fans of the CGDCT genre and shoujo otakus. Lead character Aoba Suzukaze won millions of hearts which led to the renewal of a second season. The anime adaptation of 2014’s manga series is also appreciated as a slice of life and comedy show.

New Game Season 3 Renewal: Is There Any Hope?

Fortunately, there’s finally some hope for the renewal of the popular anime. While its creators have resisted talking about New Game Season 3, speculations say that it will get into production sooner this year. Ever since the Season 2 finale back in September 2017, there has been a constant demand for a third installment. Yet, studio Dago Kobo is yet to wave a green.

One of the main reasons behind its delay was the lack of source material. The studio had exhausted almost all available manga volumes. Hence, they couldn’t produce anymore episodes since the last few years. Well, luckily, after the release of the recent manga volumes, the creators will now have enough content to create another installment.

Moreover, the studio might not miss the chance of producing another season of their successful anime. The first two installments turned out to be pretty profitable for Dago Kobo. Besides, due to its genre, New Game Season 3 is likely to do better business this time around. Given that there’s sufficient source material to create new episodes, the studio might grab the opportunity as early as possible.

What Will New Game!!! Be About?

The story of the popular anime centers around the leading character, Aoba Suzukaze. Being a fan of fantasy video game ‘Fairies Story,’ she begins working for the game’s developer, Eagle Jump. Aoba soon becomes acquainted with her colleagues in the character design department. The series follows Aoba and all others in her office, as they attempt to design and develop a perfect game.

New Game! originated as a manga series back in 2014, and was later adapted as an anime a couple of years later. The 2016 debut season covered the plot of almost three volumes of its source material. Whereas, Season 2 ended exhausted the remaining three volumes as of that time in 2017. While the books were arriving sooner before that, mangaka Shōtarō Tokunō took a year to launch Volume 7.

As of now, ten volumes of the manga have been launched, out of which the most recent one came out in January 2020. As per Tokuno’s release pattern, Volume 11 might come out anytime soon. Now that there’s enough source material for New Game Season 3, it will likely cover Volume 7 through 10. Well, as per the plot of these manga volumes, the three friends, Aoba, Yun, and Koba will be in a serious battle, being the character designers of Fairies Story.

New Game Season 3

When Will New Game Season 3 Come Out?

Currently, none of the companies related to the production of the anime have confirmed the return of New Game Season 3. However, speculations suggest that the studio might begin working on the new season after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. Yet, any New Game!!! episodes may not premiere earlier than mid to late 2021.

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