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White Lines Season 2: Renewal Status, Plot Details, And Release Date

Crime drama series, White Lines recently hit the streaming service Netflix. The story resolves a murder conundrum that happened on Ibiza, a Spanish Island. However, the mystery already untangled, and the killer got caught. However, now, the question is, will there be White Lines Season 2? The show is created by Money Heist’s creator Alex Pina, who is famous for creating never-ending series with a lot of unsolved drama. Will White Lines Season 2 follow the same ritual? Let’s see what new twist and thriller the next season will bring.

In White Lines, Laura Haddock played Zoe Walker’s character, a decisive woman searching for answers for her brother’s death. His embalmed body appeared on the surface of dessert after 20 years of his vanishing. This brings Zoe to investigate the mystery on her own. Later, Zoe reconciles with her brother’s friends in Ibiza. From there, she figured out that the people involved are trying to cover something. There she also meets with Calafats, who owe many clubs on the island. They are looking forward to building a casino there. Further, the show goes deeper when Zoe divulges the past.

White Lines Season 2: Did Netflix Renewed The Show?

Netflix hasn’t renewed White Lines for Season 2 yet. The show has recently ended. And as per the streaming service norms, it will take a few weeks to months to decide. The renewal of the show depends on its viewership as if it touches the required target or not. So, fans have to wait until July 2020 to check whether the show gets a green signal, or not.

White Lines Season 2 Theory: Will Zoe Return To Her Family?

The story mainly focused on how Zoe untangles the mystery of her brother’s death. Tom Rhys Harries, played Zoe’s brother Axel Collins’s, a stunning troublemaker DJ. His body finds embalmed buried on Spanish dessert after 20 years of his disappearance. In the entire journey, Zoe suspects that her brother’s friends are hiding something. Later she involved with Calafats to enquire about their family presence in her brother’s death. In the end, she finds that Axel’s friends Anna and Marcus killed him.

Though the mystery cleared and everything got resolved, there are a lot of ambiguous things that can only settle in White Lines Season 2. While suspecting Calafats, Zoe gets close to one of the Calafats enforcer named Boxer. Well, this alarmed her as she already has a family and partner back in Manchester. The season ended with a twist when Zoe decided to marry him. And now, she has to select whether to stay in Ibiza or return to her family.

As of now, she only tied a knot with Boxer. Whether she pursues her relationship with him or returns to Manchester, she has yet to decide. If she stays in Ibiza, she can entrap Calafats drug trade with her new power force. So, fans can expect new twists in the story and the new mystery to invade.

White Lines Season 2: Release Date

If White Lines Season 2 receives a green signal, there are chances of it to premiere at the end of 2021. As of now, everything is at a halt because of the global pandemic situation. Hence, filming can only start when lockdown gets over.


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