April 17, 2024
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Blood And Water Season 2: When Will Netflix Renew Its Top Drama Series? Plot Details And More

Blood And Water Season 2

Netflix came out with another fan obsessed series “Blood And Water.” The show is a South African drama, revolving around the story of Puleng Khumalo. With only six episodes in the first season, many viewers have already binged the whole story. Not even this, they started discussing its next installment, Blood And Water Season 2. The fantastic plot is making the fans eager for Blood And Water Season 2.


Netflix seems to have a firm commitment to the African series. ‘The first season of Queen Sono was the beginning of our journey,’ says Dorothy, lead of African series at Netflix. The spy drama, Blood And Water, debuted on April 28, this year. The show includes family drama, a love triangle, threats, and many more arcs. For those who inhale teen content, this seems to be the perfect one. If you haven’t watched it yet, then this is the ideal time for you. If you have already watched it, then there’s some exciting news for you.

Blood And Water Season 2: Renewed Status

We haven’t heard any official word from Netflix yet. But it seems that the show will surely renew for the next season. We say this because Netflix usually waits for a few weeks to declare the renewal. And ‘Blood And Water’ is worth another season. The wait maybe for a few weeks or possibly extend to two months. However, don’t lose patience; because we have got you covered with few spoilers.

Blood And Water Season 2

Blood And Water Season 2: A Lot More Drama And Excitement

Season one of Blood And Water ended on a note leaving their audience wanting a second season. In the end, we saw Puleng getting a traffick ing ring in the way of finding her sister. This ring seems to have related to both, her boyfriend’s father and her own. Therefore, in the second season, we might see Puleng and her family playing a significant part. We would also see the change of relationship between Puleng and Fikile. There are also plenty of questions unanswered, which will soon unveil.

Blood And Water Season 2

Blood And Water Among Netflix’s Top 10 Show

As per the reports, the drama ranked as the number one series of South Africa. Besides, it has also been the first South African show to be on top, among the ten best series of the U.S. Fans have been incredibly supportive of the fact. Indeed they have shared their excitement with a celebratory message to the team. Therefore the show is doing exceptionally well and has a lot of expectations from its second season.


Blood And Water Season 2: Release Date

There is no official announcement regarding the release of Blood And Water Season 2. Although, like the first season, the upcoming season might also release in mid-2021. Lock-down will soon be down in Africa. We are thereby hoping that production work will start soon. Still, there are chances of season 2 getting postponed. Let’s hope for the best and conserve the excitement for the future. Stay in link and be updated with all recent news.

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