Animal Kingdom Season 5

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Production & Plot Details, Release In May 2020?

Last year, in July, TNT officially announced the renewal of Animal Kingdom Season 5. Earlier, it was expected to premiere this month. But, due to the global pandemic, the production halted in the midst. Now, fans have to wait a little longer to watch their favorite series back on the screen. Let’s see what new Animal Kingdom Season 5 will bring.

The Animal Kingdom is an American crime-drama TV series created by Jonathan Lisco. It’s an adaptation of the Australian movie of the same name. The story follows the journey of 17 years old Joshua, who started living with his grandmother after his mother died. However, his grandmother leads the criminal society and is engaged in illegal acts. She further influenced him to join her path.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Renewed Long Back

Fortunately, TNT renewed Animal Kingdom Season 5 just after a couple of months of the premiere of the fourth season. Shawn Hatosy, on his Twitter account, confirmed the news. He posted a picture of Cody’s family with the caption, “The Animal Kingdom has been renewed for Season 5! To all our fans: The Cody family thanks you for your loyalty.” The official Animal Kingdom Twitter Page also updated the same. The production of the show started last year. But, the present crisis forced them to leave the shooting in between. Now, let’s hope and wait for some update from the Animal Kingdom.

Scheduled To Release In May 2020?

Well, the show already completed its shooting of a few episodes. But, because of production paused in the middle, the rest of the episodes are yet to film. However, the network and creators are still in a dilemma about whether to maintain their ritual of premiering the show in May or break it. They were initially thinking of broadcasting those episodes in May to entertain their fans in this pandemic.

While focusing on all the pros and cons of streaming the episodes, the network decided to hold this topic presently. Since it will create more confusion, and fans might not understand what Season 5 is all about. Let’s wait for production to start again. So, fans can enjoy their favorite drama series.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Start Of Battle In Cody Family?

Will Money Shatter Cody Family Bond?

J joined the Cody family after the death of her mother. He was further influenced to join the family criminal business when he was young. However, Leckie, a police officer, helped him to escape from the claw of his cruel family to pursue his life differently. But, later in the series, he returned and handled the power of his family. He considered himself as a proficient strategist. But, this might turn conflict between the other members. Because everyone wants that power and money. Now, let’s see how long J can hold his position?

Will Smurf Comes Back?

In the last season, J killed Smurf and acquired all the powers and money. However, Smurf hasn’t left the series yet. Though she died in Season 4, her come back can be seen in Season 5. She might return through flashbacks when times get tough, and her family recalls her.


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