Jack Ryan Season 3: Delayed? Everything The Fans Should Know

Jack Ryan Season 3

Jack Ryan Season 3 is undoubtedly the most anticipated show of this year on Amazon Prime. However, it seems like the hiatus will only increase due to the current pandemic situation. Just after the release of the second season last year, the fans started getting desperate and crave more of John Krasinski as Jack Ryan on screen. Both the previous seasons of this series has been successfully managed to bag the love of the audience.  

Jack Ryan is an American political spy series. The characters of this show are based on fictional Ryanverse, developed by Tom Clancy. The series hit Amazon Prime for the very first time on August 31, 2018, and became one of the biggest hits of the streaming network. The second season came in October last year. The fans already knew that they would be going to see the third installment long before the premiere of the second season. 

Jack Ryan Season 3
Amazon Prime

Production Status Of The Third Season!

In February 2019, Amazon renewed the show for its third part. The creators started working on the writing part after the release of the second season. However, the cast and crew were unable to begin filming for Jack Ryan Season 3 before the shutdown. The main reason behind the delay in filming is the busy schedule of Krasinski. And it does not seems like the production will begin anytime soon. 

The creators filmed the previous seasons of this show in multiple locations all around the world. They filmed in places like the UK, Columbia, Russia, Canada, Morocco, and the US so far. Therefore the fans can expect to see diversity among the locations in the upcoming season of this spy thriller.

Jack Ryan Season 3
Amazon Prime

 Jack Ryan Season 3: Plot Details!

The second season ended with Jack exposing the US Senate. He also unveiled the reality of the corruption taking place there. Therefore, Jack Ryan Season 3 will pick up right after the end of the second installment and will show the following stories. In the third season, the fans might see the most anticipated return of Dr. Cathy Mueller. The fans expected her to return in the second season as well, and it feels odd when they didn’t see her in the entire season. So it seems like this time the viewers will see Dr. Mueller quite a lot on popular demand.

The details on the plot of the third season are quite hazy at this moment. The only thing we know for sure is that the character of Jack will be more defining. Also, there are chances that Wendell’s character could get into a fight, which is still unsure.  The upcoming season will undoubtedly be going to be more adventurous and thriller than the previous ones. 

Jack Ryan Season 3
Amazon Prime

In a recent interview, one of the co-creators, Carlton Cuse, talked about the show. He said, “I think the franchise has gigantic legs. There will be a lot of other chapters to Jack Ryan. I think that it’s difficult to get too far in front of Jack Ryan because I think the show’s essence is to tell these geopolitical thrillers of the moment.”

Jack Ryan Season 3: Release Date

The previous two seasons of this show came in August and November, respectively. According to this pattern, the third installment could release by the end of 2020. However, due to the production shutdown caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, the fans will likely see a delay in the release. They can expect Jack Ryan Season 3 to hit the streaming network in the first half of 2021. 

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