Selling Sunset Season 3

Selling Sunset Season 3: Marriage or Divorce Scenes? Release Date And More Update

Selling Sunset hit Netflix in the lockdown period. Many of us have already binged the show and waiting for another story to reveal. Good news for the fans, the show is coming back for Selling Sunset Season 3. Therefore, leaving everyone to wonder what will happen in the next arrival.

Selling Sunset is a docu-soap, which covers the story of six glamorous realtors. The second season’s dramatic story ended with The Oppenheim group gathering for the celebration. The show is an American reality TV series of Netflix. Selling Sunset made its debut in early 2019. The plot revolves around the high-end residential properties in Los Angeles. The Reality TV show is all about elite real estate brokers selling the luxe life to affluent buyers. It covers all the drama of the characters. The show seems to expand for Selling Sunset Season 3. Here’s all we have to tell you.

Selling Sunset Season 3: Already renewed?

The second season of the show has just released on the streaming service. But now it seems that another one is ready to hit the floor. Yes, the filming part of the show has already taken place. We hope that you’ll not have to wait longer for the release date as the filming of the show is done. However, Netflix already gave the hints at the end of Season 2. So, be ready for another drama to come across your digital life.

Selling Sunset Season 3

Selling Sunset Season 3: Happy Marriage?

As season 2 covered the marriage of Fitzgerald’s, the upcoming one will also include the wedding days. Christine Quinn’s wedding to Christian Richard will be the central part of Season 3. The unforgettable and lucky day of Quinn’s life was captured for Netflix. The wedding was memorable for Selling Sunset cast. Yes, happiness might be the reason, but the main reason is the source of drama. The teaser of Selling Sunset Season 3 reveals all the scenes of drama.

Personal Life Exploding

While some parts of season 3 will cover the happy moments, others will cover some sad truth. The show will include Chrishell’s divorce. It was though cleared in the previous season by Mary. Chrishell, in an interview with ET Canada, says, “I still had a month left of shooting when my personal life exploded. It’s not a comfortable thing to live in front of everyone.” The explosive teaser at the end reveals the hints of what is going to happen further. The bombshell news of this season is filing for divorce against Justin Harley. The news broke at the end of November 2019. However, Justin’s camp announced the intention of ending the marriage.

Moreover, Chrishell made sure not to feature her ex in any Instagram posts. She continued sharing personal photos. But her emotions seem to have spilled out in quotes, speaking of her difficult situation. She says, “It’s hard people to watch in front of you. But even harder remembering who they used to be.”

Selling Sunset Season 3: Release Date

Season 3 of Selling Sunset will hit the doors of Netflix on August 7, 2020. More drama is waiting for the fans to watch. Indeed sit tight; we will give you all recent updates in this space.

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