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Yellowstone Season 3: Release Date Arriving, Major Plot Details, Cast Additions & More

What else will be more exciting than binge-watching all favorite shows in this quarantine? The Yellowstone has become one among the favorites. The show is ready to launch its third part. Yellowstone has set a different sort of Western drama in the realm of the TV era. So, be prepared for more American drama in Yellowstone Season 3.

Yellowstone made its debut back in the year 2018. It involves all the drama of the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton. The series is a total spin on the wild west in Yellowstone. Ever since Yellowstone Season 2 came in action in late August, fans have been wondering about its third part. Viewers kept theorizing about what the next chapter of the Paramount Network series would bring. Now, here is everything which will surely help you in visualizing a bit more.

Yellowstone Season 3: Official Trailer

Good news for all the fans waiting out there, Yellowstone is ready to arrive soon on the digital platform. Paramount Network officially announced the returning of season 3. The network later confirmed the release date. Like the previous season, this one will also include ten episodes in total. Therefore tighten up for more of Dutton Family Ranch drama to unfold. Also, the official trailer of the upcoming season is upon the Network. Check that out below!

Is Jamie Really A Dutton?

Season 3 will bring out the answer to why Beth and John hate Jamie so much. Moreover, the co-creator of the show, Tyler Sheridan said that this season will probably be more significant than the previous one. For instance, it will unfold more of Dutton’s drama. But the real question is that are we really going to find out the bicker between Jamie and Beth? Is Jamie a real Dutton? He may be or maybe not. Whereas the season 3 trailer shows that Duttons are continuing fighting to protect their ranch.

Yellowstone Season 3

Yellowstone Season 3: Beth Meets Roarke Carter

Josh Holloway will be playing the character of Roarke Carter. Roarke, a fund manager, might be a piece of bad news for the Dutton family. In the trailer, we see Beth Dutton’s having a moment with him. The two might not start on the right foot. More drama would undoubtedly knock the door. As per Deadline, Karen Pittman will play the role of Willa Hays. She is the CEO of Metro Capital. Moreover, Willa has come to Yellowstone to make an offer to John Dutton, which he surely can’t refuse. Many secrets to unleash and many more to come and with that comes the Yellowstone Season 3.

Yellowstone Season 3: Release Date

The good news is that the fans will not have to wait for too long to watch the show. Yellowstone Season 3 is premiering on Sunday, June 21, 2020. Catch all the upcoming drama on Paramount Network. However, the show is also streaming on Amazon Prime. Wait for the June to hurry soon, till then sit tight and wonder. Stay in the link, as we will keep you up with the latest update.

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