April 13, 2024
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Lucifer Season 6: Surprise Renewal! Ellis Announces The New Deal

Lucifer Season 6:

Lucifer Season 5 was announced to be the full and final season, but here comes a twist. Netflix is bringing back the glimmer of hope. The arrival of Lucifer Season 6 is soon to be upon your screen. This is probably the joyous news for the fans. We have brought you all the inside information on the show.


Lucifer is one of the most popular dramas on Netflix. The plot of the show revolves around the story of a casted angel. The show is an adaptation of DC Comics character, which has been written by fantasy writer Neil Gaiman. The theme storyline of the drama is based on The Sandman book series. Bored of being the lord of Hell, the devil relocates himself to urban life. The show includes fantasy, drama, investigation, and a lot of suspense. So far, the series has five seasons. And there are two more to arrive soon. So hold tight because five is not the final. Indeed there are more on the way.

Lucifer Season 6: Tom Ellis Announces The New Deal

Tom leads the show and even the story. His character has a hint of devilry, which is liked by his fans. Star himself, Tom Ellis has signed a deal to return as the titular fallen angel in season 6. The show was held back because of the dispute between Ellis and Netflix. News broke in April that Ellis wanted a pay raise despite being contracted for the sixth season. But now, it seems that the disputes have been put down, thereby opening up a path for Lucifer Season 6. However, there is now surety of happening of the sixth season. But there hasn’t been any official announcement.

Lucifer Season 6:

What To Expect From Season 6?

The series hasn’t yet released its fifth season. Therefore right now, we don’t know anything about the plotting of season six. For instance, we know what the future will probably bring to us. Season 4 ended on a note with a massive shift. After years of living on earth, Lucifer realizes his position as the ruler of Hell. The upcoming season may be risky. There will be multiple surprising ways to bring Lucifer back from the Hell.

Lucifer Season 6:

Lucifer Season 6: Will bring The Personalities Into Celestial kingdom

We saw Tom Ellis and Lauren German lying on the grass, in the photo tweeted by Joe Henderson. The scene seems to be of Eden Garden. However, this might mean that the characters will be brought into the celestial kingdom. There is a lot to see in the upcoming season. Indeed we wish both the season to surprise the viewers in the same way as that of others.

Lucifer Season 6: Release Date

As of now, we can’t speculate about the release date of season six because the news has just been revealed. However, we do not even know about the premiere date of season 5. Moreover, the official renewal of season five is announced, and we wait for the same announcement for the sixth part. Till then, stay in the link; we will update you in this space.

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