Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River Season 2: Sarah Dugdale On Board! Plot Details, Release Date & More

It looks like everyone is on their toes waiting for Virgin River Season 2 to release. Netflix’s romance drama series has become one of the most anticipated shows in 2020. The demand for the new season is only increasing. However, the creators of the show seem to be pretty tight-lipped about the details of the show.

The first season of the Virgin River received lots of positive response and love from both critics and fans. Based on a novel with the same name by Robynn Carr, Sue Tenny created the show for Netflix. The first season of the show premiered back in December 2019. The show was an instant hit. Now it’s been some time since the first season released. Here is everything to know about the next Virgin River Season 2-

Virgin River Season 2: Plot Details

The first season of the Virgin River concluded with a big cliffhanger. It left all fans with tons of questions. By the end of the season, Melinda had made her mind that she wanted to go back. She informed Jack about it to which he insisted. Jack then proposed to her. Melinda was clear that she will need more time to think about Jack’s proposal. She also confessed that she isn’t capable of becoming a mother. Meanwhile, Jack is expecting a child in his marriage. In a very dramatic scene, Jack tells his wife that he is in love with another woman.

Virgin River Season 3

The second season will decide the fate of all three of them. Jack will have to choose between his baby and the woman he loves. The second season will revolve around decisions that the characters will have to make. Melinda wants a happy and peaceful life, but if she decides to move to LA, her life will be anything but peaceful. The silver lining is the source material of the show is more than twenty novels. So, creators have ample content to choose from. They might surprise the viewers, who knows? It will be fascinating to see what could really happen in Virgin River Season 2.

New Faces In The House For Second Installment

Earlier in the year, the show’s creators announced new about faces that will be joining the cast. It is clear that, among all the new faces, Melinda Dahl and Marco Grazzini will be joining Virgin River Season 2 as Staci and Mike, respectively.

Now, new reports reveal that In The Shadow Of The Moon fame Sarah Dugdale is now a series regular. She is cast opposite Alexandra Breckenridge for the second season. Dugdale will portray Lizzie. Lizzie is a young, cunning, beautiful, and unbridled woman who comes into the Virgin River after her parents ship her off in the wake of a shoplifting bust. She will show that she doesn’t really care about her family’s rejection, but underneath she is a woman with a bruised heart who is trying to mask to pain.

Virgin River Season 3

Along with Dugdale, Grayson Gurnsey, who we have seen multiple times in the first season, is now promoted to series regular for Virgin River Season 2. The actor portrays Ricky, a nice-looking teenager who works at the store owned by Jack. He lives with his grandmother after his parents’ death. In the first season, we see Ricky struggle between being a good kid and trying to find his confidence to make his own choices.

Along with the actors mentioned above, Donald Heng, Steve Bacic, Carmel Amit, Keith MacKechnie, Thomas Nicholson, and Lane Edwards are joining Virgin River Season 2, too.

Virgin River Season 2: Productions Details & Release Date

The production of Virgin River Season 2 had concluded roughly two weeks after the first season of the series aired. So, we can assume that either the show is in post-production at the moment, or maybe even complete. Thus, the ongoing global pandemic wouldn’t affect the pre-planned release date.

Virgin River Season 3

However, Netflix has not yet announced a release date. Although, we can be confident that the Virgin River Season 2 will release sometime in the second half of 2020. the first season released in December 2019, so perhaps the second season will release the same time too. We will keep updating the space with all the news as it comes, you don’t forget to keep checking in for the latest news and updates.

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