April 13, 2024
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Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Episode 2: “Know Your Onions”- How It Will Change The Future?

agents of shield season 7 episode 2

One of the most beloved Marvel’s shows, Agents of SHIELD, is in its final run. Tomorrow, Agents of Shield Season 7 Episode 2 entitled “Know Your Onions” will premiere on ABC. The previous episode opened the door of time-traveling. Agents of SHIELD traveled back in time to fail Chronicoms from their mission to save the future of Earth. But, the cliffhanger ending left all the fans wondering what exactly would happen.


The previous episode hinted at the aim of Chronicoms. At the beginning of the episode, the Chronicoms disguised in three police officers’ appearances, to take a fragment particle from Franklin D Roosevelt, who would be president of SHIELD. But agents arrived at the spot to save Franklin from Chronicoms. However, later agents found out it wasn’t Franklin whom Chronicoms wanted to kill. Actually, their target was a barman named Freddy.

Moreover, the previous episode certainly connected to SHIELD’s past and also the future of the Avengers. So any changes might affect both worlds. Now, let’s see where the future will head.

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Episode 2: Know Your Onions

Recently, ABC released the synopsis of Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Episode 2. In that, agents wonder their own worth after protecting Wilfred in the last season. Now, they all are in doubt of safeguarding the future, (even they know the future’s value), like is this really the best way to prevent it from destruction?

Agents Of SHIELD Season 7 Episode 2: Is It Connected To Avengers’s Future?

Why Coulson Saved Freddy?

Freddy isn’t a simple bartender, but he’s Wilfred Malick, the father of HYDRA’s head Gideon Malick. Gideon appeared as a member of the World Security Council in T he Avengers, who wanted to explode entire Manhattan to stop the Alien Force Chitauri. In the end, he condemned HYDRA and supported SHIELD to defeat HYDRA. Either way, the HYDRA’s end was there. So what’s the point of saving Freddy?

As our beloved Coulson explained, “If the Chronicoms kill Wilfred Malick, HYDRA never formed including SHIELD too.” Hence, to save the future of SHIELD and the future of our favorite Avengers, it was essential to keep HYDRA. So that, SHIELD can form.

What Is In The Box?

A mysterious woman hired Wilfred in the last episode to deliver a box to the dock. However, it was quite similar to Pym Particles, but its color was green. Further, she mentioned that it has something related to the future. So, it might be possible that this would help in the reforming of HYDRA. And that’s why Chronicoms are after Freddy (Wilfred). Perhaps, in the coming episode, the mystery of the particles could solve.

Will Patton Oswalt Help Agents In Their Mission?

SHIELD struggled a lot while searching Freddy to protect him from Chronicoms. During this, they found help from bar owner Ernest Hazard Koening aka Patton Oswalt, who, in the future, becomes an SSR agent. Further, he helped them in hiding themselves and saving Freddy. However, fans can expect more from Patton in the coming episode. Also, the mystery regarding how he joins SHIELD is still yet to discover.

Release Date!

No need to wait for more! Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Episode 2 is on its way to premiere on ABC on June 3, 2020. So don’t miss it. If you do, then don’t worry, you also watch it on Hulu.

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