May 29, 2024
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My Engineer Season 2: Happening Or Not? Plot Details & More

My Engineer Season 2

My Engineer Season 2: My Engineer concluded it’s first season on May 30. The romance drama revolves around Bohn, an engineering student who, as a revenge plan, takes on Duen, a medical student. Eventually, the two develop feelings for each other. Not just them, but many other characters find their partners over the run. Now, the first season has concluded, but many of these love stories haven’t. There’s a lot to be seen there. So, Is My Engineer Season 2 happening? If yes, then when? What could be coming up? Here are all the details about it-


Is The Show Renewed?

Yes, all the My Engineers fans are in for good news. My Engineer Season 2 is renewed. However, no details about the production status is known at the moment. Lit Samajarn is coming back to direct the show for the second installment.

My Engineer Season 2

My Engineer Season 2: Plot Details

My Engineer is one of the very few shows that carefully and centrally focuses on the LGBTQ Community. The show, through the season, featured the love story of 4 couples. The show also takes on in the journey these characters go through from being friends and being in relationships to developing feelings for each other. By the end of the first season, Boss and Mek made their relationship officially public. Frong starts realizing his feelings for Thara; however, Thara hasn’t yet reciprocated the same. King, on the other hand, confesses about his feelings for Ram.

My Engineer Season 2

In My Engineer Season 2, we will get to see Thara acknowledging his feelings and maybe falling in love with Frong? Who knows? Along with that, King and Ram could accept their feelings and come together as a couple. And finally, we might get to witness Bohn and Deun’s relationship in the second season. And also how they fight all the odds and accept each other.

When Is It Releasing?

Details about the release date are not out either. We will wait for official updates about it. The whole cast of the first season will come back on the show to reprise their roles. We will keep updating this space with all the new updates as they come. So, you stay tuned with us not to miss any update.

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