June 17, 2024
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Valeria Season 2: Whom Will Valeria Choose- Adri Or Victor? Will Netflix Renew The Show?

Valeria Season 2

Recently, in May, Netflix brought a romantic comedy Spanish series, Valeria. The show was a combination of a love triangle, adventure trip with friends, and not to forget pursuing one’s dreams. Howbeit the cliffhanger ending left Valeria’s fans in a daze. However, it’s too early to focus on Valeria Season 2. We have to wait a while until Netflix officially confirms anything. So, let’s hope for good news.


Valeria adopted from Elisabet Benavent’s famous romantic novel series of the same name. The show is centered on the journey of Valeria of becoming a published author. In the entire show, she wanted to write something she can be proud of, but, while struggling with her marriage life, it becomes more challenging to write down something she likes. However, her best friends Nerea, Lalo, and Carmen decided to take her on a trip to restore her spirit.

Valeria Season 2: Will There Be Any Next Season?

Recently Valeria hit Netflix on May 8. So, it’s quite early to think of its second installment. Further, it seems like the show currently is a clique favorite. But, sooner, it will pick a fanbase on social media in diversified groups. Also, Netflix waits for a couple of months to see the viewership of the show, and based on that; it renews the show. Till then, we have to wait for any official announcement of its renewal from Netflix. Also, because of the current health crisis, the filming of Valeria Season 2 isn’t possible. So, we have to be patient until everything restores.

Valeria Season 2: What Possible Plot Changes Fans Can Expect?

Will Valeria Go Back To Her Husband?

Valeria lurches between her married life and career. She wanted to become a published author. But, her marriage life is on the verge to end. Somehow her friends Lola, Nerea, and Carmen managed to take her on a trip so that she can relax and refocus on everything. In their excellent adventure, Valeria met a hot and handsome man Victor. Unlike her husband Adri, Victor supports her passion for writing and even excites her with his presence.

Also, Adri’s support for her writing dream is gradually decreasing; their marriage isn’t over yet. However, Valeria’s love for Victor can be seen in her book, which she’s writing. But, her feelings for Victor seem to defeat her marriage. So, the main question comes here, which path will Valeria select? Will, she returns to her husband? Let’s wait for the new installment.

Will Valeria Sell Her Manuscript?

In the last season, we saw Valeria’s passion for writing. The entire show, she has been writing a book. In which she wrote some erotic content that portrays her intense feelings for Victor. Finally, she got a great deal and was about to publish her novel. Unfortunately, the book publisher’s decision displeased her. Although they liked her concept yet wanted to publish her first book under the alias of a popular romance novel series. The ending left the fans wondering what will be her choice. Will she search for another publisher to publish her book or accept this offer and sell her book for money?

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