April 25, 2024
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Doctor Who Season 13: Confirmed? Cole & Walsh Departing, Know Everything

Doctor Who Season 13

The famous ‘Doctor Who’ stands apart from all other shows, being the longest-running. The show is making money and gathering love with its magnificent creation. We are likely to see Doctor Who Season 13 soon. With Jodie Whittaker taking center stage, there is a lot to happen in the upcoming season.


Doctor Who is a British sci-fi TV series created by BBC. The show made its debut back in 1963 and is running till date. The series set forth the undertaking of Time Lord called “The Doctor.” He, who is the extraterrestrial being, appears as average human to everyone. The doctor investigates the universe in a time-traveling space transport called the TARDIS. Viewers of the show travel through space and time as well in the TARDIS. The series is a vital part of British popular culture. The Doctor’s many incarnations often prevent evil forces from harming innocent people. However, he often brings some or the other companion to share the fascinating adventures. A lot is going to happen in the future, so be ready to know more.

Doctor Who Season 13: Confirmed?

Charlotte Moore, BBC director of content, confirmed in 2018 that the show would be back in 2020. The show premiered this year on New Year’s eve. It gathered a lot of compliments and love from the viewers. While there hasn’t been any official announcement of the upcoming season till now, it is rumored that the Season 13 is scheduled to start filming late this year. We’re confident that the show will return anytime soon.

Doctor Who Season 13

Cole And Walsh Departing The Series?

With the conclusion of season 12, it has been reported that both Cole and Walsh will be departing the series. However, their exits are yet to be verified by the show. This leaves Doctor using only Yaz for business. Traveling with only one companion is nothing out of the ordinary in Doctor Who. Whether Yaz remains or not, the fresh face will surely be seen further.

Doctor Who Season 13

Doctor’s Fob Watch Holds A Lot Of Secrets

Showrunner Chris Chibnall explained why the timeless child retcon fits better with the classic series than the relaunch. The timeless child holds a lot of small hints and clues. It would undoubtedly be Chibnall’s style to reveal the truth. Doctor Who Season 13 will pop up the fob watch and let their fans learn about the secrets of the Time Lord that have been hidden.

Doctor Who Season  13

Will John Barrowman Return To Doctor Who?

Fan’s favorite moment is the surprise comeback of John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness. Barrowman said in an interview with Radio Times that if they ever ask Jack back, he will come back without any second thought. John also stated that he would love to go to work with Jodie. Who knows what Chibnall will bring up in the show. But it seems that John will appear at some point and meet the 13th Doctor.

Doctor Who Season 13

However, plot detail remains unknown. Chibnall and others are still working on the story. Perhaps we will see Doctor investigate her past self and work out for the upcoming future. Therefore the forthcoming tale will surely be up to everyone’s expectation.

Doctor Who Season 13: Release Date

There hasn’t been any announcement for Doctor Who Season 13 yet. For instance, there is the possibility of filming to start later this year. Doctor Who Season 13 is speculated to come back to BBC later or sooner in 2021. The upcoming season will surely bring some exciting things for the viewers. Till then, we will keep you updated in this space.

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