April 24, 2024
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Wayne Season 2: Showrunners Looking For New Home! Will It Ever Return?

Wayne Season 2

Wayne Season 2: YouTube Premium’s show- Wayne was one of the most loved shows of the year. Created by Shawn Simmons, the show bagged terrific reviews both from critics and audiences upon its release in 2019. Wayne is a show where Shawn Simmons draws his own childhood experiences to create the show. Fans have been looking forward and asking for more of the show. What is happening to it?


Wayne is an action-filled black comedy. It features teenage vigilante and his struggle for justice. He moves from the mean streets of Brockton in Massachusetts to the sun-filled town of Ocala in Florida. The show stars Mark McKenna. He plays the character- Wayne, the main character in the series. Accompanying him was Ciara Bravo, who comes in to play Del. Over the first season, Wayne wins all the audience with the mix of many emotions, deep characters, sensibility, and just the right amount of layered comedy. It has been some time since the show was over. So now, fans are desperately asking for Wayne season 2. YouTube is changing its pattern, what will happen to the show? Here are all the details

Wayne Season 2: Renewal Status

The first season of the show- Wayne was very popular. In fact, it was one of the most beloved shows on the network. So, everybody had hoped that the show would come back with Wayne Season 2. However, last November, YouTube started moving in the opposite direction. They are moving from the original scripted programs to more of ad-supported content. In respect of this new pattern, the streaming service has canceled Wayne Season 2.

Wayne Season 2

Wayne Creators Are Looking For A New Home

In the first season of the show, Wayne bagged around 27 million viewers on YouTube. With this kind of rating, any network in today’s time would kill to take over the show. Now that the show is canceled, the creators and showrunners of the show have made that clear that they are looking for a new home for the series. The creator took on twitter to show his displeasure about the cancellation of the show. He also tagged many other networks to appeal to them to take the show.

Showing his support to Simmons, the co-showrunner of Wayne- Rhett Reese spoke about his intentions. In a tweet, he said that it is their task to find a new home for the show. He is hopeful and says that shows can find a new life somewhere else. He says that the outcome by far has a rule. Reese says that a heroic executive must come up. He went on to say that if Wayne could not find another home and new life. He would put the show on a pedestal along with Firefly, Freaks, and Geeks as the best TV show that only lasted for one season.

We hope the show finds a new home soon, so the production could start. We will keep updating this space with all the news about the show as they come. So stay tuned with us for all the latest updates. 

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