Black Spot Season 3

Black Spot Season 3: When Will Netflix Renew The Show? Everything To Know

Its almost been a year since the release of the supernatural thriller, and fans are now getting desperate to have updates on Black Spot Season 3. The shows of this genre have always managed to leave their mark on the mind of the fans. And this show was in a different league of this kind of dramas. The fans even compared the series with another Netflix blockbuster, ‘Dark.’ If you also wonder whether the third installment of Black Spot will release or not, just keep reading to find out. 

Black Spot, which is also known as Zone Blanche, is a French-Belgian supernatural-thriller series. The first season premiered in February 2017 in France, and then Amazon Prime brought the rights to stream it globally. Netflix picked up the show for the second season, which released on June 14, 2019. Both the seasons managed to impress the fans as well as the critics. The fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the succeeding installment since the release of the second season. 

Black Spot Season 3

Black Spot Season 3: Canceled Or Renewed? 

Before renewing the show, Netflix usually takes some time, like a month or two, to analyze the performance of the show. However, in the case of Zone Blanche, no announcement has come from the showrunners or Netflix. They are pretty tight-lipped on giving any details about the future of the series. Netflix doesn’t halt any show for this long, so it is safe to assume that the second installment was the last chapter of the thriller series. The reason for not renewing the show is still unknown. It is speculated that the streaming giant didn’t make the expected profit form the second season. Therefore they decided to drop the show.

Zone Blanche Season 3

Black Spot Season 3: Plot Details!

If the network ever decides to renew the show for its third season, the fans will definitely love to visit the murderous town for one more time. It all began in the town called Villefranche, located in the middle of thick woods. The death rate, or to be more precise, the murder rate is very high here. That’s why it is known as the most dangerous city in the country. The story follows Major Laurène Weiss, who is the head of the police. She has been here all her growth and has face death quite a few times.

While she was hooked up in the hunt to find answers for some secrets in her own past, the condition of the town worsen. Black Spot Season 3 will follow the mysteries of Villefranche and Laurene’s life. If the third season happens, then fans can expect to see more about the past of the characters and what makes the people of this town so violent. 

Black Spot Season 3

Black Spot Season 3: Release Date

It’s the same month when the fans saw the premiere of the second season last year. If the creators mind to renew the show, then the current time should be the ideal time for the release. Now the release date totally depends on the renewal of the series. If the network gives the green light to Black Spot Season 3 in the upcoming months, fans can expect to see it by the end of 2022.


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