April 22, 2024
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Is Dark Tourist Season 2 Happening Or Not? Details & More

Dark Tourist Season 2

Dark Tourist Season 2: Netflix’s travel documentary, Dark Tourist, released back in 2018. It bagged mixed reviews. Some viewers found it too dark while some enjoyed it. It has been quite a lot of time since the first season released. The fans of the show want to know what is the fate of the show. Here is all we know-


Dark Tourist Season 2: Who Is In The Cast?

The show is presented by David Farrier, a journalist based on New Zealand. He has been a prominent face in the media of the country. Farrier does some exemplary works in his name that has made him an international face. He started his career on 3News and then started working as an entertainment reporter.

Since this is a travel show, the only fixed cast is its presenter. There are no partners for him as he travels to some of the world’s most dangerous places. Here is an introduction of the person to whom the show’s audience gives almost 7-8 hours of their life. Later on, he understood the profession and took a serious turn. He became a prominent face in mainstream journalism. He started covering all kinds of stories, no matter what acknowledgment he got for them.

Dark Tourist Season 2

Then he started making documentaries. His first words were ‘God Save New Zealand.’ The documentary was based on one of New Zealand’s national anthem. Later on, he moved to television and hosted a few shows. However, then he moved back to documentaries.

If Dark Tourist Season 2 happens, we do not have any doubts that David Farrier wouldn’t come back. It looks like it’s his show and he is the one to manage it.

What Is The Show About?

Whenever one thinks about a tourism place, all they think about the pretty places. However, this show takes a different route. In the show, presenter- David Farrier explores some dark and horrifying places around New Zeland. This is the show that indulges people who are fascinated by destruction and death. That does sound a bit creepy, but that is what the show ‘Dark Tourist’ is all about.

Farrier brings out the dark tourist hidden somewhere inside him out. He travels to places around the world that have some dark tragedies written all over them. He first visits Colombia, and he finds out about Pablo Escobar. After that Farrier travels to Medellin. One of Escobar’s henchmen helps him explore it around. Then he tries to mock run of getting into the USA illegally through Mexico.

Dark Tourist Season 2

After that, he visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then the US, where he explored Jeffery Dahmer and Charles Manson’s background. Then he went to New Orleans and explored the vampire and the assassination of JFK. After that, he went to Kazakhstan and explored the Soviet Union’s nuclear weaponry and space programs.

Then David visited Europe, where he participated in a mock war and visited museums dedicated to serial killers. He visited the most violent person in Britain. In many places, David had to face some problems. It looks like some places are not open to anyone. If the second season comes out, we might get to see more dark places and spots.

The first installment of the show released in 2018, and since that, Netflix has not announced anything about Dark Tourist Season 2. We will update you with any news about the show as it comes. So, you stay tuned.

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