May 27, 2024
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Life On Mars Season 3: Renewed For Final Season After 13 Years! Creators Revealed Details

Life On Mars Season 3

It seems like we are finally going back in time. One of the creators shook the entire social media by confirming the arrival of Life On Mars Season 3. This news made him the only one to get a renewal thirteen years after the previous release. The fans are more than happy and also really excited to see the third and the final installment of the series.


Life On Mars is a fictional British TV series. The fans saw the previous two seasons of the show between January 9, 2006, and April 10, 2007, on BBC One. There were multiple adaptations of the series as well. BBC One also released a sequel of the series named, Ashes To Ashes. The original series was a blockbuster during its time. It received a tremendous response from the fans as well as the critics. Now it is coming back again to refresh the memories of every single viewer of the series.

Life On Mars Season 3

Renewal Details Of The Third Season!

On the night of April 1, one of the co-creators, Matthew Graham, released a series of tweets regarding the return of the series. First, the fans took it as an April Fool, but Graham’s previous hints for the new chapter of Sam made it clear. The fans are delighted by this news. They will finally be able to see the proper conclusion of the series. Life On Mars Season 3 will bring back the good old days for many people for sure. Graham informed a lot about the final season.

He said, “Final Chapter will be set in Manchester and London. We would never make another Mars, except we really had something to say and could push the box all over again. Finally, we have something.” It seems like the creators finally have a solid storyline for the series’s conclusion, which is increasing the hype for it even more.

Life On Mars Season 3: Last Season Will Be Alternate!

At this moment, we don’t have any details on the plot of the last season except for the info that the creators announced. As we already told you, the creators have something substantial for the final season, so they decided not to reveal much about it. However, they did reveal the time period of the last season. Life On Mars Season 3 will be set partially in the ’70s, partly in the ’80s and mostly in an alternate, which is the present. He also told the fans that there would be a TV show within the series.

His tweets read, “We are viewing it as 4 or 5 episodes and then done. As we enter the ultimate phase of the ep, I’d like to tell you that there will be a TV show in the closing chapter with our TV show. TYLER: MURDER DIVISION. DCI Litton will be back to get under Gene’s feet.”

Life On Mars Season 3: Release Date

The creators haven’t give any update regarding the release date of the third installment. From the tweets, it seems like they will start filming once the things get back to normal. The fans can expect Life On Mars Season 3 to release sometime in 2022. 

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